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Meaning and Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Stone in Good Luck

Author: Navratan Gems
by Navratan Gems
Posted: Jan 09, 2022

Lapis lazuli is a stunning Gemstone that has been levered in many cultures for its in-depth, saturated blue colour as well as its vibrant qualities. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs were usually sowed with things made of great fortune, and it was even used to make eye shadow. In Renaissance Europe, it was worn as a very useful blue pigment. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, this gemstone can assist one to find internal peace and comfort from negative thoughts. It’s usually made into jewellery and has been etched into ornamental and practical objects, including sculptures, combs, and bowls. It's a famous gemstone to use for good luck as well.

What Is Lapis Lazuli Gemstone?

Lapis lazuli is a metamorphic gemstone containing several minerals, including lazurite, calcite, and pyrite. The most invaluable lapis lazuli stone is a deep, uniform blue, sometimes with gold specks of pyrite distributed throughout. In this state, it has a similarity to a stellar night sky. The calcite in lapis lazuli can also guide to white streaks, which generally makes the gemstone less useful.

Properties of Lapis Lazuli Gemstone:

Colour: The stone comes mainly in Blue shades.

Chakra: It is associated with the Throat, Third eye, Crown chakra of the human body.

Number: Vibrates to 3

Planet: The stone is linked to the planet Venus.

Zodiac: Best prefered to Sagittarius, Ox

Benefit areas: Gen (Knowledge), Qian (Helpful People)

Elements: Metal, Wood

Origin: Mainly comes from Afghanistan, Chile, Middle East, Russia, USA

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Meaning and Uses of Lapis Lazuli Stone

Lapis lazuli is a decisive gemstone for thinking and spirituality, and it contains an extremely high vibration. It’s supposed to enhance self-knowledge and awareness of one’s own ideas and can help you to delegate your inner knowledge. It also improves psychic and instinctive capabilities, and links the spiritual realm with the physical. It can support creativity, self-expression, and communication. In expansion, lapis lazuli stone can support to harmonise and offset the yin and yang facets within yourself.

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Activate Gen, the Knowledge Corner

When it comes to work on acquiring self-knowledge or spiritual wisdom, you might desire to take a peek at Gen, also called the Knowledge area. If you are at your home’s front door looking in, Gen work is the near corner on your left-hand side. This place is bonded to skills, knowledge, and self-cultivation, as well as the earth component and the colour opaque blue. One way to trigger this area of your house and improve these facets of your life is to place a lapis lazuli gemstone in the Gen part of your home.

Activate Qian, the Helpful People Corner

Qian is the only area of the lucky charm that is attached to helpful people, benefactors, and travel. It may be useful to place lapis lazuli in this area if you’d like to ask for more support from people in your life, or more approval from non-physical empires. To locate Qian, again stand in your front door facing in, and then discover the near corner on your right hand side. Qian is also connected to the metal piece, which is related to communication and speech. Because lapis lazuli can help in self-expression, deep listening, and communication, it can assist to improve metal element rates like clear communication and speaking up properly.

Activate Your Meditation Area

If you own a meditation room or area in your home, lapis lazuli stone can be a great gemstone to add there because it can raise awareness, self-knowledge, and intuition. It’s also expressed to aid in the distinction of repeating thoughts, and in knowing how to proceed with those ideas, whether they ought to be examined or released.

Activate Your Workspace

In terms of great fortune in life, your workspace defines your career. If you can, it’s adequate to have a reliable room or area that you use when you are performing or working. Once you do include an area devoted to work, you may desire to add lapis lazuli stone here to improve your understanding, creativity, and communication in your work. If you are an artist of some sort and have a space where you rehearse your craft, lapis lazuli stone would also be a stunning complement to that area.

Wear Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Good luck doesn’t have to be only in your workplace and home—you can also apply the same directions to your body! Another method to work with the power of lapis lazuli stone is to wear it on your body. Because this gemstone also holds a very calm energy and a high vibration, it can be a very validating stone to bring with you through your day.

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