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The Skin Care Trends to Know in 2022, According to the Experts

Author: Tyoem Tyoem
by Tyoem Tyoem
Posted: Aug 05, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever altered people's perception of health and wellness. People now seek to broaden their definition of overall health, which is perhaps best reflected in the rise of 'skinification beauty.'

Gone are the days when women were content to use multiple strokes of highlighter to mimic a healthy glow. Primers and foundation bottles have been replaced by active ingredients for a meaningful, focused skincare routine.

Men and women are continuously adopting mindful skincare practices to strengthen their skin barriers.

As a result, skincare trends are also changing. According to the experts, below are some skincare trends that will rule 2022.

Anti-inflammatory routine

An anti-inflammatory routine refers to a series of steps to avoid inflammatory reactions in your body. This reaction includes swelling, irritation, pain, and redness.

Consuming or using substances and products that act abnormally in your body is detrimental to your overall well-being. Inflammation weakens your body's immunity and can also trigger dysfunctional problems in your skin.

Barbara Sturm, a world-renowned skin aesthetician, also believes this is why people are shifting away from acid peels and Retin-A. Sturm says that following an anti-inflammatory routine helps to strengthen the skin barrier and gut microbiota in the long run.

Home-made remedies

Yes, that is right, home remedies are making a comeback in 2022. Apart from home remedies that have been passed down since generation, there's also a rising demand for at-home treatments.

People are switching to at-home treatments and home remedies like overnight masks, peel masks, rejuvenating therapies, etc. Skin enthusiasts are looking for products and tips that have a visual impact on their skins, unlike the mild results of over-the-counter goods.


One cannot stress the importance of sunscreen, and this trend is surely here to stay. Its demand has increased in 2022 as this product is widely recommended by aestheticians, beauticians, and dermatologists.

Japanese Indigo

Japanese indigo, known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, will pop up more in 2022 skincare products, say, JasminaVico, a skin health specialist.

Brands like Tatcha already incorporate this miracle ingredient in their at-home treatment products.

Beauty inside-out

The inside-out approach to beauty has always been there in your grandma's and your mother's recipes. This approach caters to a more holistic way of enhancing your skin barriers and gut microbiota.

In 2022 people are researching this topic in-depth to make radical changes in their lifestyle. However, more education and knowledge need to be imparted to people so that they can understand this subject's nuances.

Believe it or not, your gut bacteria set the dial for your skin and many other body functions. Therefore, it's essential that you study your body's reaction to any product and treatment before you decide to practice them in the long term.

Your skin is a reflection of your body's internal state. Hence, look for any significant signs when you consume or use the product.

According to Jamaica Vico, "People often buy the latest skincare products without considering their skin type or concerns, and what their skin actually needs. I live by the mantra less is more, and hope that people will start to strip back their routines to just the essentials; I'm also seeing more bespoke treatment plans to target individual needs."

Summing up

In 2022, people are revisiting their roots and settling for simplified skincare routines. You don't have to invest in high-end brands or treatments to see a significant difference in your skin.

Simple approaches like eating well and staying hydrated can do miracles. Moreover, the fewer products and sophistication you practice, the better and more effective results you can notice in your skin.
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