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9 Beginner Traveller Mistakes & How to Avoid Them!

Author: Yoga Vidya
by Yoga Vidya
Posted: Sep 17, 2022

We travel for various reasons, to detox and destress, sometimes for fun, at times to mix pleasure with business. A tour can easily turn into a disappointment if there are certain mistakes we commit that can be easily avoided. So, without further ado, we would reveal the top amateurish mistakes that beginner travellers commonly make and how we can avoid those.

Planning a Frigid Itinerary

We can’t have it all! Can we? Unless we completely stretch ourselves out. But then, do we want to completely stretch ourselves out, especially on a holiday? We doubt you would say ‘Yes’ to it. Then why plan an itinerary that is beyond ambition and so difficult to fulfill that you hard press yourself over it and end up having a sulking trip in the end. Hence, it is better to plan an itinerary with enough gaps that you can leave for any externality that might affect your plans otherwise.

For instance, there is a possibility that you might reach for an activity late because it started late and now your ride is late, which means you are now late for the next event or place on the itinerary. Hence, plan a more flexible itinerary for your sanity.

Travelling With Wrong Documents

Well, this happens! Believe it does. In the hurry of making plans and bookings, we sometimes make the mistake of selecting wrong dates or airport or destination and end up with wrong tickets. This is not just limited to tickets, the same mistake can happen with the passport and other documents as well. Hence, take a deep breath and double-check each detail and paper.

Leaving Stuff Unattended & Relying On GPS Solely

Newbie travellers perceive the world differently. Pun intended! Avoid leaving your stuff unattended, even if it is a small drink. Carry it along with you. Take extra care in navigating yourself to the said destination, if you are driving yourself. It is not a good idea to solely rely on your GPS to lead you to it, especially if you are travelling to an offbeat destination where it is easy to lose network.

Hence, take the help of the locals and also, do not rely on the directions of one local only. Make sure to confirm the directions from at least two people.

Travelling Without Insurance

Travel insurance is just a few bucks added to your ticket. But it is a godsend for when you are stuck with a luggage emergency in a foreign land. Book your travel with a decent travel insurance so your trip is secure from all angles whether lost luggage, or if there is a medical emergency or a cancellation or a delay in the flight.

Beware of Flight and Airport Fallouts & Go Accordingly

There are two things when it comes to airport fallouts. One is booking interconnecting flights that are too close to each other and end up missing the other one because you were not able to reach the entry gate on time because your arrival flight got delayed or it could be due to some other reason as well. Hence, it is better to book interconnecting flights with at least 2-3 hours of gap in between.

Another possibility is reaching the wrong airport. Yup, that happens with beginner travellers quite commonly. If not the airport, then reaching the wrong entry or the wrong terminal. To avoid it, get all these details sorted at least a week before and make sure you follow the booking details with precision.

Travelling Without Money Planning

You reach, you enjoy, you enjoyed too much and now, you suddenly realize you have run out of money. If you do not want to bust open your credit card or call a friend for help then do a detailed money planning. We recommend planning the entire travel budget, day-wise.

Travelling Without Prior Bookings

Well, it’s sweet that you like to travel on an impulse. Many of us do. But we do not recommend it for beginner-level travellers. Why? Because if you have not been to the destination before, you might not know if you would find a decent place to stay at whichever hour or not and if there are any stays that are available. It could be tourist season and like most places, the destination you are travelling to, might get sold out too. Hence, it is good to book your travel package in advance, at least the flights and stays.


It is easy to cross the thin line that lies between packing and overpacking. And many of us do it. What to pack and what not to pack is one of the common worries of beginner travellers. Owing to it, they end up packing multiple bags and suitcases which become a hassle in the long run. Hence, research on the destination of travel, its weather conditions, lifestyle and pack your stuff accordingly. Wherever you go, pack a decent sun protection kit for sure.

Traveling to a Random Destination

If you are willing to travel to a random destination, think first. You might end up in a place where the culture, lifestyle, ambiance and everything are in stark contrast to what you are in the mood for. Hence, to ensure that you have an amazing tour, pick destinations that you have been thinking about and are in the mood for. Travel with a purpose and make it happen at the apt. destination.

For instance, if you are looking to indulge in complete rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit, then travel to India for Indian Yoga and Ayurveda. Stay for a month and sign up for yoga courses in India for transformative experiences. If you are looking for a fun nightlife and shopping, then travel to Dubai. Here are some of the most breathtaking destinations you can travel to.

  • Santorini, Greece

  • Verona, Italy

  • Melbourne, Australia

  • California, USA

  • Banff, Canada

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For instance, there is a possibility that you might reach for an activity late because it started late and now your ride is late.

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