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How network automation has proved beneficial for IT practices?

Author: Samir Hazra
by Samir Hazra
Posted: Mar 18, 2023
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Because of technological changes and advancements, there are some challenges that enterprises face. Large networks are one of them which become unmanageable for a team that works manually. This is why businesses are now opting for network automation which brings several benefits. Be it mitigating network challenges to improving network speed, it can do a lot of things.

How automation in the network helps?

These days, network outages have become one of the main concerns in any enterprise networking. If there are sluggish applications, and network challenges then it becomes difficult to connect with the remote sites. Most businesses still rely on hard-to-manage networks which are causing obstacles to business innovation.

So, overall, there are drawbacks of traditional networks that can hinder your business’s growth. What should be done for network improvement and security? Is there any way that can change the networking of an enterprise? Well, one of the opportunities driving factors that one can implement in the networks is automation.

Switching to automation comes with a great many benefits. Once you know what automation is and how beneficial it is for your IT practice, you’ll surely implement it to get rid of traditional networks.

Let’s check out how network automation has proved beneficial for IT practices:

Repetitive manual work gets eliminated

Deployment, management, and tracking of the network require a lot of manual work. For this, the IT staffs or the network engineers have to be available all the time. In a network, repeatable network changes are also required which not only demands patience but time. If a network engineer is engaged in taking care of the manual processes then they won’t get ample time for core IT works. So, every business requires automation in the network so that can be removed from repetitive manual work.

The best solution for this manual network task is switching to automation. When you automate the network, you replace manual tasks effectively with precise and predictable changes. Also, automation software resolves the manual tasks that were once used with traditional networks. As a result, the IT productivity of the enterprise increases and the IT team can now focus on their core tasks.

Easy analysis of the network issues

If it is a traditional network then the chances of error and misconfiguration are more. Manual work that the IT team performs can be full of errors. Regardless of the experience and knowledge of the IT team, it’s obvious to get some errors, especially in manual networks.

However, this impacts the analysis of the network issues and the data coming from the additional devices. An enterprise network consists of a lot of devices especially when it has remote sites and offices. But, it’s not easy to manage all the data coming from these devices. Because of manual networks and overburdened IT teams, network analytics get overlooked.

For a network’s performance as well as security, it’s important to do network analysis at a regular intervals of time. Precise network analytics can be achieved through IT automation. When everything gets automated, it becomes easy to keep a track of all the data coming from different devices. This is why it is always a better decision to integrate automation into a business’s IT practices. When you do this, it becomes easy to identify future risks with ease.

Increase in the performance and speed of the network

No matter what sort of enterprise it is, it will rely on a network for connectivity. Remotes sites and offices of any business require having a network that is fast, reliable, and dependable. However, the traditional network sometimes makes all the tasks challenging as it doesn’t give up the speed that you’re looking for. So, what’s the solution to a sluggish network for your business? For this, all that you want is the implementation of automation in the networks.

One of the significant advantages of automating the network is that there will be an improvement in the performance and speed of the network. Also, whatever services or applications you’re launching, will be done at an accelerated speed.

No errors in the configuration or management

Configuration and management errors in the network are common most of the time. This usually happens because of the manual tasks that the IT team is doing. Manual work increases the chance of occurrence of errors by up to 70% because of which there will be network issues.

Whether it is about making some changes or troubleshooting the network issue, everything has to be done precisely. To avoid the situation of network outages, downtime, and network failure, automation is a must. Automating the network, there will eliminate a manual task which ultimately helps in decreasing the chances of errors.

Helps in increasing resilience

For achieving optimal network performance, there’s a requirement for timely updates, changes, and troubleshooting. all these things need to be done regularly without fail. But, this seems impossible in traditional networks as it comes with lots of manual tasks and configuration errors.

If a business requires resilience then automation is what they need to implement in their IT practice. Network automation solutions result in easier management because of the availability of tools, proper monitoring, and network performance. It also alerts the IT team of any sort of potential errors on the network. With automation, one can get help in preventing downtime and solving network challenges with minimal effort.

To sum up

From the above, it’s clear that network automation boosts the IT structure of an enterprise. It is possible to streamline the deployment and maintenance of enterprise networking. Many businesses have started automating their network for increasing resiliency, reduce the occurrence of errors and increase the network’s speed. For all these reasons, enterprises have integrated automation in their businesses.

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