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Why Liposuction is the Most Popular Aesthetic Procedure among Men

Author: Carl White
by Carl White
Posted: May 13, 2015

In this image-conscious world, cosmetic plastic surgery has become as important for men as it is for women. With more and more men becoming conscious of the need to look good, they are opting to go under the knife to achieve their goals. The latest statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicate that men had almost 1 million cosmetic procedures in 2014. The report reveals that the top five surgical procedures for men were liposuction, nose surgery, eyelid surgery, breast reduction to treat enlarged male breast and facelift.

Male liposuction was in the top spot in 2013 too. Isolated fat deposits are a major concern for men as well as women. Rigorous workouts and planned diets may not always work when it comes to achieving a well-defined physique. Lipolysis targets and removes the deep layers of excess fat and sculpts the body into a more pleasing shape.

Reasons Why Men Turn to Liposuction

>> To look younger and achieve the body they always wanted

>> To improve the outcome of their fitness efforts

>> To look physically fit

>> To improve irregularities in body contour

Improving physical appearance is proving advantageous to project a self-confident image and helps men deal with competition in the workplace and also improve their social life.

Benefits of the Procedure

Liposuction sculpts the male body by removing unwanted fat and also getting rid of sagging skin. Common areas treated include the abdomen, chest, love handles, arms, neck, chin, and face. Abdominal or stomach liposculpture is the most common procedure performed in men. Stubborn fat deposits in their abdominal area are not easy to fix with diets and exercise.

The latest liposuction techniques are designed to help men get the look they want, including six-pack abs. When performed using the advanced laser-assisted Smartlipo Triplex workstation, the procedure can provide superior body toning effects. The device utilizes 1064nm, 1320nm 1440nm laser wavelengths for safe, effective and gentle removal of fat with faster healing and less scarring. FDA approved Smartlipo Triplex can treat even small areas such as the face and neck. This laser-enabled treatment also promotes tissue coagulation and collagen production for great skin tightening effects. The results are usually immediately visible and can be maintained with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

While it is important to realistic expectations about the outcome, optimal results are ensured only if you choose the right plastic surgeon. For laser liposuction, find a qualified plastic surgeon who is experienced in lipolysis using SmartLipo Triplex. Make sure that the procedure is performed in an AAAASF accredited surgical practice with due regard for patient safety.

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Author: Carl White

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