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Tech Secrets: Difference between OEM, Toner Refilling, Remanufactured and Compatible Cartridges

Author: Tiffany Morris
by Tiffany Morris
Posted: Jun 11, 2015
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If you own a printer, you’ll be spoilt for choices regarding the type of ink to use. But a slight miscalculation or the lack of proper expertise can make it difficult to choose the perfect kind of cartridges.

Also, it isn’t about finding the perfect type of cartridge; it’s about selecting the perfect option from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Remanufactured, Compatible, and Refilled Ink Cartridges.

How does one get to choose between such options?

Read more for a come comprehensive guide to buying the perfect cartridge for your printer.

OEM Cartridges:

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which in literal terms means that if you own a HP Printer with the4 original HP cartridge, you own an OEM cartridge.

These are the alpha omega of cartridges- they provide excellent print quality, long lasting durability and acute precision; naturally this also comes at a high price.

The fact that printers are sold at a narrow margin with OEMs contributing to the larger share in the profits is not a secret anymore. The companies are often guilty of advertising that use of any ink other than theirs will result in shortening the life of the printer. One of the biggest debates is on the amount of ink left in the OEM once it shows low ink error on the printer. It is speculated that the ink remaining is more that 40%, 40% of very expensive ink just refusing to print itself on paper.

Toner Refilling in Mumbai

Refilled toner cartridges are some of the cheapest options in the market. These are cartridges simply refilled with new toner or ink and resold back in the market. If the cartridge fails to work, more often than not you can return it under the moniker that it’s incompatible with your printer.

It something happens that the cartridge will stop working halfway or before the toner runs out. This is just the risk you can afford since the cartridges are priced way lesser than OEM or even the remanufactured variants.

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges basically start out as OEMs until they are empty. Here, instead of the perfectly usable and durable cartridge ending up in a landfill, the rectangular shells are cleaned, disassembled and refilled only after performing a quality check to ensure no breaks and cracks in the cartridge.

Quality wise they yield similar to OEM cartridges, only if the refilling process is done from a reputed manufacturer. This is particularly alarming since some manufacturers just drill a hole in the shell to let the toner run out before refurbishing it. If you own a HP laptop or a printer, you can ask your nearest HP Laptop Service center about remanufactured cartridges and check the quality of the work.

One advantage in buying the remanufactured cartridges is that in theory, it is environment friendly since it recycles used cartridges rather than adding to the environment with extra waste.

Compatible CartridgesCompatible Cartridges are just like OEM but made by an entirely separate company to look and feel like the aforementioned OEM. But here of course one can pinpoint the difference based on the quality of the prints, although there are tons of compatibles to choose from, good quality compatibles aren’t rare to find.
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This is article is written by Tiffany Morris who offers Hp laptop repair, including toner refilling in Mumbai.

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