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Susanna Li

United States

Member since: Jan 29, 2017
Published articles: 6

The Weapons of Statius Warhammer and Noxious Scythe in Rs 3

The weapons of Statius Warhammer and Noxious Scythe in RS 3 now are so inefficient to use. At present, only a few people will use it for very specific purposes. Some players still don't understand why...

Articles > Computers > Other Feb 08, 2017
Which Usually Occur to Arrive Positive Patches of Finally

Up to date one-way link advice is caused by an interview approximately gamereactor RuneScape periodical and additionally company to your Phone in Zelda operation, Eiji Aonuma, where by emphasized...

Articles > Computers > Other Jan 29, 2017
Group Envrionments

Power Hierachydunno about this one tbh, irl power hierachy is based on relations, manipulation, avoiding the goverment and lying to people, your either born a sociopath and able to scueed in the...

Articles > Business & Careers > Negotiation Feb 04, 2017
4Rsgold Offers Cheap Rs 3 Gold at Lowest Price

RS 3 gold is the currency of the RS universe. Just as, in the real world, money cannot buy happiness but it can open up opportunities. RS 3 gold is not a substitute for strategy and fast reaction...

Articles > Computers > Other Feb 13, 2017
Jagex Keep Negative Attitude, How Far Can Runescape Go?

There were several threads have been posted in runescape community complaint about Auto-advertize bot in November, 2016. And they all say its about time to say bye to this game, due to Jagex does...

Articles > Computers > Other Feb 04, 2017
What is Treasure Seeker?

Meteor Storm is back using a bang. Get your hands on Meteorites and Space Dust which may have replaced standard XP lighting fixtures and stars. rs goldThis promotion will work from Thursday 7th July...

Articles > Computers > Other Feb 07, 2017