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Pierre Wardini Took the Best of Both Worlds and Grew Up to Be a True Businessman with a High Sense

Pierre Wardini is the CEO of "Models inc." in Lebanon and holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the prestigious HEC, and a Masters in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art in...

Pierre Wardini Nov 28, 2014
Meet Pierre Wardini, President of Models Inc a Model and Talent Agency Located in Beirut, Lebanon

Pierre Wardini is the President and Founder of ‘Models Inc.", a licensed model and talent agency located in Beirut, Lebanon.It is a full service model and talent agency that covers all forms of film...

Pierre Wardini Nov 28, 2014
What else Would You Like Readers to Know About Models Inc. or Pierre Wardini?

Owner of Models Inc. through which he represents prestigious models in Lebanon, Pierre Wardini crafted the firm he founded in 1991 into Lebanon’s leading agency with over 50 female models. In this...

Pierre Wardini Nov 28, 2014
Pierre Wardini is a Relentlessly Hopeful Man with Big Dreams and is Surely on the Way to Making Them

Talking to: Pierre Wardini Pierre Wardini, owner of ‘Metropolitan Modeling’ has recently announced the opening of his modelling agency in Beirut, Lebanon following its success in Paris, France. Born...

Pierre Wardini Nov 28, 2014
Work Accident Attorney - Do You Need One?

You never know what will happen next. Even though you are safe and sound right now, the next second you might slip on a banana peel, fall and suffer a concussion. When it comes to work related...

Alison Reid Nov 28, 2014
Why Hire a Dwi or Family Court Attorneyi

If you have been charged with DWI, then you should not say anything and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The right professional will tell you what to do, how to behave and will work relentlessly...

Alison Reid Nov 28, 2014
Advantages Offered by a Car Accident Attorney

Even though you are the kind of person that always tries to do everything the right way, that does not skip any steps and that always prefers to wait a few seconds or minutes in line instead of...

Alison Reid Nov 28, 2014
Finding the Best Family Court Attorney

Although you have never thought that you will require the help of a family court attorney or personal injury lawyer, Rockland County, you have recently found yourself in a situation that you can not...

Alison Reid Nov 28, 2014
Choosing the Model and True Call of Garcinia Cambogia

New Dynasty, USA. When it comes to take the best brand of Gardenia Cambogiait is not that smooth. For this postscript, obloquy of several companies acquire been floating around e'er since the...

Alan Ramsey Nov 28, 2014
Tatty Los Angeles Flights: Accomplish Your Communicate to La Really Budgeted

Payment your holidays in Los Angeles can be very galvanising and fun. In fact, you can now arrive the station by embarkation cheap Los Angeles flights from various destinations in the man. Renowned as...

Derick Atwood Nov 28, 2014
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