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Digital Classrooms, the Cisco Way

As digitization is taking place in many states across India, following the push for digital economy by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Government of Rajasthan has forged alliance with global...

Remya Sekar May 22, 2017
Engineering College in Dehradun Today

From marketing to finance, accounting to management, decisions and consequences all the subjects are debated and trained to their students so that business graduates could go on to work in myriad...

Deepak Arya May 22, 2017
Best Engineering College in Uttarakhand- Nurturing Students for a Better Tomorrow

In the modern day world, the youngsters are well aware aboutthe career they should choose. Analysing the past and present scenarios, most prefer engineering as their career. However, there are still...

Deepak Arya May 22, 2017
Mba Colleges in Uttarakhand – Nurturing Management Skills of Students

Professionals have to invest a lot of money, time and efforts to achieve an MBA Degree. This degree is very versatile and opens doors to a lot of career opportunities. Here are some of the most...

Deepak Arya May 22, 2017
Eminent Engineering Colleges in Uttrakhand

Due to the ever-increasing numbers of the private companies, continuous revolution in modern day industrialization and key development of superior in house technology, engineering graduates have...

Deepak Arya May 22, 2017