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Reduction of Water Wastage in RO Water Purifiers

Author: Neha Chaudhari
by Neha Chaudhari
Posted: Aug 13, 2015
water purification

The popularity of RO water Purifier is increasing day by day, because the Water purifying machines enabled with RO Water purification technology removes even the most harmful dissolved impurities like, rust, chemicals, Arsenic, heavy metals and pesticides.

Today water filter technology has gained preferences of almost each and every individual who is health conscious and conventionally the UV water purification technique can only deactivate viruses and bacteria, and are completely incapable to eliminate dissolved harmful impurities.

Therefore, Reverse Osmosis water purification technology has interposed impressively towards putting a ban on water-borne diseases and has potentially saved millions of individuals who would else have suffered from critical life threatening diseases.

Nevertheless, the one and only biggest issue encountered in water purification technology is wastage of significant quantity of water during purification process. Typically, if 1 liter of water is being purified with the help of an ordinary purifier you have to pay for the wastage of at least 4 liters of water, which literally is of no use and goes down through the drain. Technically, near about 80% of total water is wasted.

Why water is wasted in RO purifiers?

Running water through your taps also considered as raw water caries all the harmful dissolved impurities like, Fluoride, Pesticides, Arsenic, Notates and much more. These impurities can never be removed from water as they are soluble.

As per the facts, in Reverse Osmosis water purifier pure water is extracted from impure water and the balanced water carrying dissolved impurities is rejected and wasted. Majority of water purifier manufacturing brands in India have been trying to continually evolve with perfect RO water purification technology, and are also seeking to come up with effective and trustworthy innovations to face the marketing challenges. Not surprisingly, Products manufactured by Aquafresh RO water purifier remains a front-runner in this endeavor.

The chairperson of Aquafresh RO, is proud of the reality, that his company which gave India the world’s most technically sound mineral RO Water Purifier, has now also successfully manufactured a much needed water purification technology, which believes in saving water and neglects wasting even a drop of precious water. By encountering the key challenge of 0% water wastage, it also ensures the purest drinking water and is determined set new standards for all other manufacturer in the industry.

Mineral RO Dual water cleaning system

The world’s most technically advanced Aquafresh RO water purifier addresses all the limitations faced by single technology-based water purifiers. This technology offers double purification of Water through Reverse Osmosis followed by UV and UF, which are enabled to remove even the most harmful dissolved impurities like, Fluoride, Chemicals, Metals, Arsenic, Rust, Pesticides, etc.

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Neha Chaudhari is Social Activist from India. She loves to spend earned money on helping needy people and enjoying her life in her own ways.

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