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October 20-26 is Radon Awareness Week! Radon Awareness Week is helping

Author: Patrick Gallenberg
by Patrick Gallenberg
Posted: Oct 26, 2013

1888PressRelease - Radon Awareness Week is dedicated to informing everyone about radon gas dangers. Radon Gas is virtually undetectable to the human eye, and the only way to know if radon gas is in an establishment is through testing. However, not many people know to test for radon gas. So radon awareness week was created.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI - Radon Awareness Week

Every year, the United States Environmental Protection Agency teams up with local health agencies to help support Radon Awareness week. Radon awareness week is very important because radon is one of the main causes for lung cancer among those who do not smoke. Because of statistics, the American Lung Association along with the Centers for Disease Control, have agreed that radon is a united health problem. During radon awareness week, they encourage individuals to do testing in their homes. Radon awareness week is October 20-26 and is a nationwide event. While some areas may not post radon awareness week, be sure to call the local health department for more information.

Radon awareness week raises alertness because while most people have heard of this deadly gas, few know the way it enters the home or its true dangers. Some of the information shared during radon awareness week is that this gas is colorless, odorless and radioactive. Radon is a byproduct of uranium being broken down in the soil. Radon awareness week allows people to understand that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, outside of smoking, in the entire country. Homeowners can take matters into their hands to ensure their home is radon free. Radon awareness week helps those who have never thought that they could have a problem to do checks within their homes. This move could potential save a life.

Radon awareness week also alerts people to the many contributing factors that can help the radon levels increase in a home. These factors can be the types of rocks that are close by or if the foundations of the home or those that have a rock surface near it. Some other factors that are discussed in radon awareness week are the types of HVAC systems a home uses, and the size of the home verses the potential dangers. Many people find life altering information during radon awareness week and finding out this information can help people be proactive about this deadly gas.

Many are surprised to know that radon is not isolated to a specific area or a type of dwelling; it can be in a business or anywhere. There are homes in every single state in the country that have reported being affected by Radon; statistics are available during radon awareness week. There are some high risk areas, for the most part; any part of the country can be affected. Radon awareness week doesn't target one specific area over another; it just raises awareness to the entire country.

While radon awareness week only lasts for one week out of the year, people should take heed and do routine checks at their home. Radon awareness week helps get people motivated to check their dwellings for the common places that radon enters, like cracks around the foundation and unsealed areas around pipes and the drains. What many people don't realize is that radon can be found in the ground water around a home too. This is especially dangerous if a home uses a well for their water. The agitation of the water, like during a shower, can stir up deadly radon levels. Radon awareness week is designed to help those who have no clue they may be in danger, take the appropriate steps in making sure their loved ones are safe.

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