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Redeeming Xbox Gift Cards – All You Wanted To Know About Them

Author: Shawn Doherty
by Shawn Doherty
Posted: Aug 17, 2015

The gaming cult of today has led to a rise in business of huge game-making corporations. Giants like Sony and Microsoft are especially famous because of their own gaming consoles by the names of PlayStation and Xbox respectively. These consoles have hardware which is capable of playing very high quality games, and thus also have their own software platforms over which they identify and run various applications. This makes each of them exclusive from one-another, which means you cannot play an Xbox DVD on PlayStation consoles. Consequently, the games that come out are released separately as versions that run on Xbox and on PlayStation. Business in the gaming world isn’t just limited to this, in fact there are now facilities like online multiplayer gaming options which come with live membership cards. These memberships enable one to compete with other players over the Internet.

Also making popular rounds are Xbox gift cards. These cards can be used for purposes as diverse as purchasing a game from Microsoft for Xbox, or getting Xbox gold memberships. Gift cards can be categorized under the prepaid card mode. They have character codes printed on their back. These cards can be purchased from a dealer. The character codes printed on your Xbox gift card can be used in place of credit cards. You can use this card directly on your game console or even on your computer for purchases.

The membership cards are used to acquire memberships of the gaming community of Xbox. These memberships can vary from being valid for 12 to 24 months, depending on whether you purchased the card online or from a physical store. When you’re redeeming an Xbox gift card, the transfer will head straight into your Microsoft account in the form of local currency.

For gamers, this facility is extremely useful for obvious reasons. Receiving gift cards from someone brightens up a gamer’s day. Without a doubt he promptly rushes home, logs in to his account, punches the code in, and buys his long-awaited game. For other gamers it may be the membership they want. The fact is that these cards are an entirely different way to go about doing business in a profitable way, not only for the game developers, but also for the middlemen and other dealers. Attractive discounts bring prices down, which makes games and other services available to those who desired to buy them. It may be that you hesitate to pay in full for a game or a membership, but if you have a gift card you’ll lunge forward without a second thought. That is how popular these cards have become.

Available on many online stores are great deals pertaining to gift cards and membership cards, which are not only limited to gaming. For books and music by various application store owners too, such cards can be bought. The ease of access and use of these gift cards is proving to be very beneficial to both – the consumers and the developers.

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Shawn DoHerty is a huge supporter of using gift cards as the perfect giveaway – whether for corporate marketing purposes or as a simple present to a loved one. He recommends as the best website to trust for iTunes gift cards, Xbox cards and more.

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