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Choose a Refrigerated Container to Keep Goods in a Cool State

Author: Michael Bader
by Michael Bader
Posted: Aug 20, 2015

Being in the food industry business, especially those foodstuffs that need to be put in cold storage for export will require a very reliable and durable transportation unit just to be able to get to the desired destination fresh and in a cool state. Shipping Containers Florida will be able to provide you with high quality refrigerated containers to keep your temperature sensitive products in perfect condition for a longer period of time.

Reefers or refrigerated containers are insulated containers designed to operate as transportation units to transport and move temperature sensitive products for long periods of time. These reefers consist of internal refrigeration components externally powered via its carrying vessel. The main purpose is to make sure the safety and quality of products being transported are intact. For instance, to avoid possible losses in business the freshness of foodstuffs should not be compromised. Other than foodstuff, refrigerated containers can also preserve the freshness of flowers, beverages, and medicines. A reefer can also be used as an outdoor storage shed in your own backyard. It can even be placed inside your building or storehouse. Outdoor storage containers used as sheds are getting to be more popular as businessmen are more inclined to buy storage containers as they find them to be more economical than most other types of storage units.

When food safety and quality are the main concern of businesses, it is of utmost importance to invest in a quality refrigerated container which Shipping Containers Florida can provide. Keep in mind food items can last for only 2 to 3 days without being refrigerated but can last for weeks when correctly chilled. This is primarily because refrigeration slows down the escalation of micro-organisms as well as defers the chemical changes from ripening food products.

Reefers have controllable temperatures varying from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to + 40 degrees Fahrenheit so you can be assured your goods are in the best possible condition. And, if you have merchandise with special requirements, shifting chillers to the desired temperature can be adjusted by just clicking the switch.

With so many storage containers for sale in Florida, finding one to go with your needs would not be a problem. However, from a business point of view, choosing the most reliable and durable reefer can make a lot of difference in further intensifying market visibility and storage containers for sale in Florida can accomplish this. Instead of paying for building costly storage rooms, businesses can choose to go to Shipping Containers Florida for their refrigerated container needs at reasonably lower cost. Renting out reefers is even easier on the pocket for short-term use. Outdoor storage sheds are likewise inexpensive to buy or rent.

Shipping Containers Florida offer refrigerated containers which they can deliver directly to your location using specially designed hydraulic tilt trailers, driven and operated by skilled drivers. They can place your storage container right where you need it. So for quality, reasonably priced storage containers, refrigerated or otherwise, look to Shipping Containers Florida to meet your storage needs.

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