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Why do Buyers and Sellers of a Property need to hire Conveyancing Solicitor?

Author: Grain Tuff
by Grain Tuff
Posted: Aug 24, 2015

The Conveyancing solicitor confirms that all the legal formalities are completed in a deal related to a property between buyer and seller of the property. It is a process all legal formalities with respect to title transfer are handled properly, where the Conveyancing solicitor, UK ensures that the process is completed without any legal problem to their clients in the future. In any legal document, it is necessary to safeguard the clients from the possible fraud. It is necessary to protect one’s right, and it is not easy to find out where the complications will be when the papers are prepared. Therefore, the documents should be checked thoroughly without giving room for any kind of legal headaches to face in future. For a client, whether he/she is buying a residential property or a commercial property, it is necessary to hire Conveyancing solicitors to safeguard their rights.

Why do you need to have a solicitor, why not a real estate expert who knows the in and out of the property? Well, there is a lot of difference between them, explains the need and requirement of a well experienced Conveyancing solicitor. To understand their importance in the title transfer, one should understand the process of transfer and how important it is in any property transactions.

The process need not be limited in buying and selling of a property, but the same rules apply even for the mortgage of the property. The property may be in any form, apartments, individual house, bungalows, business premises or it may just a plain land, wherever there is a transaction concerned with the property there you need to hire a solicitor for the smooth transaction.

The complex nature of law is tough to understand by the common people and they should hire a competent lawyer so that they can get enough guidance in order to escape from the legal conflicts in the future. The conditions as agreed by both the parties, and the contract or agreement drawn should match with the terms and conditions are discussed by both the parties. It is necessary to ensure that the agreement or contract is prepared accordingly.

Buyers are worried to a great extent about these things rather than sellers. The huge investment made on the property motivates them to make sure whether they have met all the legal obligations or not. The complete the property transfer, it is necessary to find out a well experienced Conveyancing Solicitor who can complete the job within the stipulated time frame. It is always better to avoid, estate agents or the conveyancers, who usually work based on the commission.

A well trained solicitor conducts a thorough search and he will find out all the details related to the intended property. The survey reports are any legal reports necessary to confirm the transactions will be arranged by the solicitor easily. All the legal aspects such as title register, title plan and the land registry is checked for authentication and it should be confirmed before any transaction to get realized. Therefore, the role of a solicitor is indispensable to buyers.

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