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The importance of water heater

Author: Shree NM
by Shree NM
Posted: Aug 24, 2015

Most homes today are fitted with water heaters. A water heater is one that heats your water instantly, thereby sparing you from boiling it manually over a stove. Water heater manufacturer in India design a number of products for residential as well as commercial purposes and each product differs from the other.

Also, operating within India are a number of water heater distributors like Racold, Ketko and many more, who can guide you with your choices and purchases.

But if you are wondering why you need to install a water heater at all, here are some reasons to clear your doubts.

1. Water conservation

One of the key features associated with a high quality hot water heater is that it can help you to conserve water. If you invest in the right-size tank, it can help you save water a great deal. Tank-less water heaters especially provide you with instant hot water when turned on therefore you don’t need to leave the tap on for a long time before being provided with sufficient hot water.

2. Saves Energy

When it comes down to energy consumption, both tank-style and tank-less water heaters can help you a great deal. When water is heated on a stove it consumes electricity or gas depending upon the source of heating. If left for a while, the water will cool down and might have to be reheated. On the other hand, a tank-style water heater keeps water heated at a constant temperature within it forever. So whether you want hot water or not, the tank-style heater will provide you with it at all times, eliminating the issue of having to reheat it. As we explained earlier a tank-less water heater provides you with hot water instantly on demand and you don’t have to keep the tap running long before. In this way both tank-style as well as tank-less water heaters conserve energy.

3. Environmental impact

Most of our energy is derived from combustion of fossil fuels and these have a variety of adverse impacts on the environment. However, solar water heaters derive all its energy from the sun and utilize it in providing hot water to the consumer. Therefore, it uses a natural source of energy and does not harm the environment in any way.

4. Saves Money

Every kind of water heater manufactured is an efficient one. The tank-style water heaters keep the water heated within it forever. The tank-less water heater provides you instantly with hot water. Solar water heaters use natural energy from the sun to heat the water within the tank. In this way, both, tank-style and tank-less water heaters help you save about 30% on your bill. Whereas solar water heaters may help you save more than 50% on your electricity bill.

For further benefits provided by heaters and for more information about the working of a heater, you can contact your nearest water heater distributor in India today!

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