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Business Lawyers: Their skill sets and job descriptions

Author: Martin Luther
by Martin Luther
Posted: Sep 02, 2015

The duty of a business lawyer is to focus on legal practices on issues that may affect a business. These issues are generally related to taxation, various types of business transactions, or intellectual property.

Business lawyer’s main focus area is dealing with the legal issues that the businesses face. They sometimes work at law firms, but they could also be hired as in-house part of a company's private legal team. Normally, corporate lawyers spend very less time in the courtroom and mostly turn their energies toward business transactions. They assist in the negotiation of contracts or acquisitions. Whatever the case may be they keep the client's business and legal interests always at the forefront. This is what determines the quality of a corporate lawyer.

Educational Background:

After completing an undergraduate degree the corporate lawyers attend a law school. As the arena is competitive, so the aspiring corporate lawyers often attend top undergraduate programs. Finishing college, the future corporate lawyers take the LSAT exam which is designed to predict law school performance. Many lawyers try and acquire degrees from the country's top law schools. Some of them even grabs a business degree or other advanced degrees. This determines the level of knowledge and caliber of the business lawyers.

The skill sets:

A varied skilled set is what is expected from a good business lawyer including business and financial acumen. It is highly important for corporate lawyers understand the prospective business effect of any legal decisions they make. They also need to be outstanding writers to communicate with the clients and also with the court if any of his/ her client becomes involved in litigation. They are generally proficient in legal researches to warrant that their clients are in agreement with the most recent rules and regulations of business. As a final point the corporate lawyers must be expert negotiators as they would need to bargain on behalf of their clients at times.

The chief Duties:

The primary responsibility of a business lawyer is to ensure that the business transactions of their clients are in full compliance with the law. In addition to their consistent duties, corporate attorneys also make sure that their client’s legal decisions interpret to a strong bottom line. Their researches revolve around the law implicated by any transaction and they accordingly advise their clients on any negative effects it might create. They consult with the client company's marketing department to comprehend whether to settle a dispute will affect the market's standpoint of the company and effect sales in that quarter or not.

The secondary responsibilities:

The business lawyers often work as deal makers. This is why some of the lawyers work in different business before heading to the law school. Their focus on commercial and transactional courses, including secured transactions, negotiations, bankruptcy, and courses on the Uniform Commercial Code, definitely helps them make better business decisions and deals. So business knowledge and knowledge about accounting and financial statement analysis is compulsory for an aspiring business lawyer in Sudan.

Martin Luther has performed a series of interview with many lawyers and legal consultants. According to him searching for a good business lawyer in Sudan is actually a critical task. But proper research and probing can get exactly the attorney you were looking for.

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Author: Martin Luther

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