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Typing test: essential test for office workers and students

Author: Bruna Stuart
by Bruna Stuart
Posted: Oct 29, 2013

Typing skills is an essential habit for office workers and students. In the past at the time of typewriters introduced it was a tool to consider the domain of typist and office secretaries. But in the past couple of decade the definition of typing has been changed. Today everyone since kids, working professional to senior person are using typing the in different forms. Like computer, laptop, tabs, and smartphones.

Typing needs practice to be efficient and fast. It’s a smart work for fingers. Indeed, in the most of fields they ask typing skills and take typing test with other academic qualifications. A typing score is measured in Words per Minute, or WPM for short. At starting a kid type with his index finger as it is easy to handle typewriter but typing with all fingers are essential and labor less. To type fast and efficiently, it is very mandatory to use all ten fingers and without looking at the keys. Defiantly it is difficult task to operate keyboard without seeing it but it is good practice to efficient typing. As a musician need to more practice for music a typing also needs regular practice for daily basis.

In the beginning, it is normal for people to focus the keyboard entirely for slowly type each letter at a time. In the right format for the position of efficient typing both hands fingers should be parallel on the keyboards. The left hand fingers puts on the keys a, s, d, f and right hand fingers should be on ;, l, k, j keys, After initial focusing on keyboards a typist can gradually improve their typing skills by exercising on various typing test and typing speed tools. Latest computer technology also assist to people to adopting knowledge about typing. Microsoft windows also have a virtual keyboard to assist user for typing. Online keyboards are also useful to make typing a good practice. Just like a game a learner can improve their skills by play online typing game in which they can test speed of typing and also can challenge to friends.

As most of people think that a typewriters are more accessible to typing learner to grab typing skills and improve typing speed and also they start learn typing by old typewriters. Typewriters have its particular design to make typing task easy. After it desktop has a keyboard like old typewriter but on computer needs to more focusing than a type writer. But a portable laptop has its specific user guidelines for using easily and in the healthy way. It should be on slightly higher than a normal keyboard. If you are not familiar with your laptop then you need to follow some specific guidelines for typing on it. You can also use your laptop as a monitor and then input an extra keyboard on it. Then you will able to use your laptop like traditional computer.

At the conclusion a typist need too much exercise to type fast and efficiently. Some of different typing test tool are there to check your typing skills like this:

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