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Reverse Phone Directories - Easy Way For All Information You Need!

Author: Luke Riley
by Luke Riley
Posted: Sep 04, 2015

Troubled by calls from unknown numbers? Trying to know the name of the caller and other details of a wireless number? If you’re not aware, you must know that you can search these details easily by using a reverse phone directory service. You’ll find much more information in a Quebec Phone book that you’re looking for!

Business and Landline numbers are easily available in various phone directories as the information is considered public. But wireless numbers are private and looking for them might need a service fee!

What does a reverse cell phone directory do?

It is basically an all-in-one phone numbers directory. The information in the directory is from various free and paid resources. However, most searches conducted in these directories are for wireless numbers. However, one can also identify other details such as landline numbers, fax numbers, VOIP and unlisted numbers. These are so reliable that if you can’t find a number in these directories, it might mean that the number doesn’t exist or it might be a Robot calling!

However, there are various types of reverse phone directories. Some directories won’t let you search for information until you enter your personal details. It’s better to avoid directories that have such prerequisites as it’s not a good idea to enter personal information to the database. There’s no guarantee that it won’t be forwarded and it’s just not necessary to enter such details. So if you come across such directories during your search, then scratch these off your list. It makes sense to look for a directory that lets to conduct a search confidentially without disclosing your details. If the directory asks for the fee before you search the details, then avoid it. Until you know that the directory has information about the number you’re looking for, you must not make the payment. Once you find a reputable service, it’s a good idea to subscribe to it as you can search for unlimited numbers once you subscribe.

A reliable Ontario phone book will have a search box on the home page itself. You would just need to enter the complete phone number along with the area code and wait until the phone book searches its database and confirms they have details of the number you’ve searched for.

Most reliable and reputed phone books will provide you lots of information such as:

  • Complete name of the person
  • Address associated with the person (current and past)
  • The details of wireless carrier service
  • The location where the number was issued
  • Name of the family members of the caller

Some phone book reports provide more information than the above details as the information in the report is directly derived from the telephone carrier that issued the number. However, what’s listed above is just basic information a typical report would contain.

The cost of the reports varies from one directory to another. However, a lot of directories give users the option to either use one time report service or subscribing the directory. So based on how often you need to look for details of numbers you can decide to either choose one time service or subscribe to the phone book. Some services offer great discounts as well.

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