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Services offered by an infographic design agency

Author: Sia Pitt
by Sia Pitt
Posted: Sep 08, 2015

People are often left confused with the differences and similarities between data visualizations and animated infographics. Is it the same? Do they have different concepts? It is a question that is left to be answered. The fact is that both are created with the intention of being informative. They act as visual representations of data. They both endeavor order, and it is always the aim that they should be informative. They convert numerical data into graphics that appear to look like graphs as well original animated pictures. Both can be static, interactive or animated. They are both convergent fields, which require highly skilled people from a large number of disciplines, such as statisticians, journalists, programmers, designers, developers, geneticists, economists, etc. Thus, the need to combine both and forminfographic data visualization arises.

Infographics are created for the purpose of conceptualizing or explaining a specific story that is usually intended for a particular audience. That is one reason; infographics are subjective. They are self-contained and discrete. It has to be noted that the information is presented in the context that is designed and presented in a way that lets it be readily available for an audience. Depending on its usage, be it a graphic design or an infographic, it will be designed for that audience. One has to make sure that it fits in with a website or off-line publication’s pre-existing style. Many times, illustrations, graphics, iconography and other graphical flairs are used to illuminate and highlight the content. It is important that each design has to be constructed by hand, although there are tools that are available to create them by using a template. You can get such services from an infographic design agency.

The type and method of presentation that is used for a single Infographic cannot be used for another. Infographics can have a holistic approach to a subject, and in a way bring in related information that can be unquantifiable. For businesses, data or knowledge that is brought to life visually requires content that is lucid for people to understand. Such data can be used to simplify a complex process or even dramatize a point. It is essential always to maintain the simplicity of the content and not make it complex. Business infographics can be used online as part of a blog post, presentation, online marketing tools, website, social media or printed in case of offline use.

When you require content for your business presentations that need more of visuals than the long text you can always opt for information graphics. These visual representations of information, data or knowledge are used to support information, reinforce it, and present the content within a sensitive context. Business infographics are a form of pitching your idea by telling a story or answering a question. Infographic visuals can be determined as refined data visualization.

Try these new techniques of infographics for creating a better impression on your clients.

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