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Finding the best videographer for your occasion in Dubai

Author: Business Solution
by Business Solution
Posted: Sep 08, 2015

The most popular reason for you to go searching for a videographer is to perfectly capture your special occasion on video. Such videos captured are important when you want to relive that moment again. When you do so, you don’t want the video to be messy and clumsy. So it is important that you get the best videographer for the occasion.

You might be thinking, won’t they make my pocket bleed? It is not compulsory that each and every videographer you meet will make you spend a ton for the best quality work that they can do. There are cheats and holes in the Dubai videography market that you can utilize at your benefit. But, to do so, you need to know what the videography market in Dubai is like.

Dubai’s videography market

The videography market is fluctuating and the prices vary with each videographer. This is due to the boom of newcomers that join the ranks of videographers each day. The newer videographers that are keen to launch their career as videographer’s present undercut prices to attract clients. This can be a way for you to find a pocket-friendly videographer but it doesn’t necessary that the videographer will produce the result you want.

Understanding undercut prices presented by newer videographers in Dubai

As said earlier, newer videographers that want to establish themselves in the market will present to you undercut prices. These prices don’t include the licensing fees and unlike the experienced and established ones they don’t charge you for the time and talent they spend on your video.

Understanding what you are paying for

When you go shopping for a videographer then you might be shocked at the huge difference in price. The videographers that charge more are charging you for the whole week that they spend on editing and working on your video. They are also charging for the license and other fees that they might have to pay. But, the case is different if you are looking for a videographer in Dubai for commercial purposes.

There are points that support the heavy prices that some videographers put out. For example, you pay AED 3000 for a videographer for a day. At first it might seem too much but when you think about the fact that the photographer is spending the rest of the week, without any other work, working on your project, the price might be justified. When the AED 3000 is divided, the number will significant decrease, and that is the rate/day for a week.

Pros and cons of newcomer videographers with undercut prices

These newer photographers will put forward a significant cheaper price to attract clients. There are pros and cons to hiring a newcomer videographer in the Dubai market. The cons is obvious, you might end up with a lacking video that might put a dent in the moment that you cherish. But there are pros too.

Newcomers will work hard on your video to establish their reputation in the market. If you can find a videographer that can provide samples of their work that you are satisfied with then go and hire him/her.

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