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2013 Halloween Women Dress Styles

Author: Salina Yuan
by Salina Yuan
Posted: Oct 30, 2013

Halloween dress is the most important festival embellishment, no matter it is wanton indulgence, or playing the ghost to discuss candy for Halloween, you will want to closely follow the trend of most horror generated visual effects! Have no idea about how to dress in Halloween? Don’t worry, follow author to enter the world of Halloween! Sure you will be able to find your Halloween dress style.

Halloween needs mischievous exaggerated elements, so exaggerating big red fluorescent color and other wonderful big fanfare can us in Halloween party as, such as retro big red lipstick. Try to make yourself edification cantabile a special girl, of course, which have your own sense of proportion, but no need to worry that neither over or owed ​​can win others' attention on Halloween.

Clothing Dressing Style:

Halloween dress, choice of clothing is particularly important, and most exotic styles are based on tarsus, such as witch clothes, Puff and bubble skirts and long black dresses and witch hat and so on, these are the classic Halloween clothing styles, mainly in black, red and white.

Want to be bright, eerie clothes are not the only choice Oh! Girls enter parties, both want to be fashionable, beautiful, and a little ghostly, can use small accessories which can play a very good embellishment to matching with Halloween clothing.

Small evening Korean fashion dresses like maid and a princess, is very appropriate for Halloween Carnival party. Black with red perfect shares amplitude scale; delicate lace like a little small bad little devil, red bow like a lovely angel, they are the perfect combination. Black low-cut dress, matches with red belt, revealing sexy and elegant style.

Big pumpkin queen fitted halter style, complemented by colorful makeup face, seductive butterfly goggles, you must be queen in the party, and men will be eager to see you and want to pull of your hair to find mysterious of you.

A small black chest short dress, red scarf on the shoulders with an elegant simplicity, reflects the style of simple and lovely woman attire. This dress is ideal for wearing when dating in the party!

Black long dress, red cloak, and horns hat, to wear together, is entirely a small and beautiful witch, and is very suitable to participate in masquerade. If you appear like a dress to a masquerade, you will become the focus of the entire party.

Black shirt, small dots skirt, wearing a small claw, will be very lovely, apparently little claw decoration for Halloween dress adds a lot of bright spots.

Lovely, relaxed dress can also make yourself very shiny! Have you ever want to make yourself as a beautiful snow white? Play pure, rampant in this ghost night, there really is a good idea too.

Wear beautiful glass slipper, I guarantee you become ghosts of the night most distinctive Party queen! Makeup can also choose a lighter color, do not forget to sprinkle some glitter on the face, it makes you look more Reiki!

Makeup Style:

To participate in Halloween carnival, parties, apart from the beautiful clothing and jewelry, or the magic of a beautiful makeup, will play the role dotting. Of course, Halloween’s makeup is mainly concentrated installed, you can paint a bright or charming, it according to your needs to choose. The following are several makeup that you can make in Halloween.

Dolls are a popular choice for Halloween dress, Lolita style white gauze skirt plus a black structure outside line, as if the European panniers antique skeleton wearing out, innocent little girl plus wacky plot sticky hair ornaments, strange rebellious atmosphere has been released.

"Bloody Mary" was a ghost legend of the Western world classic characters, like the blood color bright red dress, most appropriately to show "ghost" coming out of the stunning. With sexy black stockings, under the night looming, will be charming.

Speaking of Halloween, the first reaction is the expression of a variety of orange pumpkin, orange Halloween atmosphere has become the most popular color! Do not want to be too exaggerated, you can brush up on the cheeks with blush orange metal particles, and extends to the temples, to create a unique effect. If you want to look more durable and can be used with a moisturizing effect liquid foundation makeup effects will be more satisfactory. Do not want to blanch it, you can only replace the upper eyelid with gold glitter eyeliner, and then embellished in the eye a few small stones to the color.

All these kind of Halloween Dresses can wholesale clothing China, and the makeup can be bought too.

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