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Exchange Your Pictures to Collect Your Dream Astronomy Pictures

Author: Kevin John Kevin John
by Kevin John Kevin John
Posted: Sep 09, 2015

Today, on 4th September, 2015, this is about introduction of a new service, about exchanging pictures, here; the company has many dream astronomy pictures, visit,

Many astrologers, geography students are requiring, pictures of the planets, at the same time, these are collected from planetariums. It is not easy to gather them. A person should have to wait for many hours during nights and follow the sky and take the picture directly from device or collecting from auto camera shots, so there is a hard work behind this collection.

It is not easy to collect pictures of planets, normally; sky is dark in the night time. In this time, only stars are bright, same time, when camera moves still behind the sky, there is possibilities of collecting the other pictures, it is rarely possible for a person to take a picture of planet during his collection work days, out of three months two or three nights this is possible to collect.

The pictures of space is had from many sites, but they are clear, only for the above reason, for clear pictures, the above service is waiting for many days and taking the pictures in sky, space is still more height than the sky, so only if the person travel in air craft, helicopter or through other space vehicle the person should travel and pick the pictures.

Generally, Earth from space, are collected from armature photographers, even they find very difficult to collect this pictures, but they produce it for free, still the clarity would not be there. This collected picture would not be useful to use in any academic research paper or any serious requirement of the space in a picture.

Moon is bright, everyone is taking picture during full moon day, same time, all these are not clear, because, they are not aware about moon and its changing mode. There will be many changes; in moon selecting the time is very important to take moon pictures. Knowledge based pictures should be taken by knowledge person in that field, for an example, only musician can take the picture of a musical instrument in full screen, others would take the pictures, the important portion will be missing in the pictures.

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Author is astrologer, he wanted to prepare a souvenir, for his achievement, he wanted to post all astronomy pictures, he had searched on the internet for the same and found above place, and recommending same to all, visit,

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I live in the beautiful state of mp. I am married and have four great children.

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