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Costa Rica Labor Regulation and Law

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Posted: Sep 09, 2015

About Costa Rica

Republic of Costa Rica is an American country. Costa Rica has become a source of inspiration. Since Costa Rica is the first country that permanently removed the army from its nation. In America, Costa Rica is one of the nation who have become prosperous, progressive, and stable within a short period of time. It is doing well in the HDI (Human Development Index) and is progressing rapidly.

Republic of Costa Rica is a developing country with lots of problems like other developing countries. But Costa Rica have withstood all those countries and have become one of iconic figure among them by supporting peace, environment sustainability, human resource development and more. Costa Rica is doing well for education system, but the government has a good law for the labors. The Major economy of the country is from the coffee export. There in Costa Rica most of the People are uneducated and depend upon labor. Though there are lots of multi-national companies, software development companies, ecotourism etc., but the country employment law is Labor Coded.

Costa Rica Labor Regulations

Costa Rica’s Labor code was introduced in 1943 and have been in effect since then. Costa Rica’s Labor Code has 11 Chapters. Different parts of the code have been edited a few times like the minimum wage scale for the workers. Short description about some of the articles of the Costa Rica’s Labor Code are given below:

Costa Rica Salary and Minimum Wage rates: Costa Rica Salary And Minimum Wage is set by the Costa Rica Ministry of labor. In a year the minimum wage rate is set twice. There are lots of jobs that are included in the minimum wage scale and some are mentioned below:

This list was set in the year 2015

Agriculture Laborers $17.75 per day

Construction Worker $19.30 per day

Carpenter $23.22 per day

Gardener $19.30 per day

Machine Operator $22.97 per day

Maid $316.01 per month

Guard $524.77 per month

Messenger $524.77 per month

There are other lots of job positions mentioned in the list.

Costa Rica Notice and Termination Pay: If an employee is fired without notice, then termination pay is given. Termination pay is a sum of money which is equal to the regular salary. The employee at work cannot be dismissed or fired without a good reason. Also the employee is fired without notice then there is the law of termination pay in Costa Rica. According to the law the employee should be provided with a 30 day notice before termination. After 30 days, employee have right to ask for one paid per week until they get a new job. Costa Rica Notice And Termination Pay for an employee depends upon the years they have worked.

Costa Rica Vacation and Holidays: There is the Costa Rica Vacation And Holidays law for the vacation of the employee. An employee can demand for a 1 day vacation per month. After 50 weeks of work, employees can ask for a 2 week vacation. A vacation should be in working days only besides the holidays. And the employee has the right to choose the date for vacation. Paid holidays for employee in Costa Rica are Thursday and Friday at Easter, Jan 1, May 1, April 11, July 25, Aug 15, Sep 15 and Dec 25.

Costa Rica Work Permits: The Costa Ricans can get jobs and can work without any legal issue. But for the foreigner, working part time is ok, but working full time is not legal. There are certain conditions to work legally in Costa Rica. To work legally an annual Costa Rica Work Permits is required. One can apply for highly skilled jobs for one year on the condition if there is no any costa Ricans do that job. To work in Costa Rica a legal permanent residency is required. To get a working permit in Costa Rica is very tough since the government gives priority to the Costa Ricans since they want to protect their workers from flying to other countries.


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