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Is Ballbusting a Submissive Technique or Not?

Author: Sarah Coolen
by Sarah Coolen
Posted: Sep 13, 2015

Although it isn’t consider a common sexual practice, and the Japanese society views it as a rare treat, ballbusting seems to spot interest and create controversy. Get informed on general arguments why it is or isn’t a submissive practice.

Ball busting is one of the many Japanese sexual practices that is in favour of men pleasuring out of painful and torturing techniques performed by domineering women. The person who is dominated usually plays the submissive role. Ball busting is performed by a clothed woman who is kicking a naked man’s testicles, with her barefoot or knee. The simple fact that women are clothed and men are naked reveals that men are in a more vulnerable position and women hold authority and are somewhat empowered. This makes the woman enjoying this form of man genital torture a sadistic, and the man able to reach a pleasure climax by means of ball busting a masochistic. That’s how it is, if you interpret things from a rather shallow perspective.

In the ancient Japanese technique of ballbusting the man was the one who told the clothed women when to kick, how to increase the intensity of the kick and where to kick. They also had individual preferences about the woman’s clothing. Some enjoyed nylon tights and barefoot, others preferred pointy sandals and high heels. Men are clearly subjected to pain during ball busting, but at the same time they are the ones giving instructions, and ultimately getting an orgasm. It might appear that they surrender authority and are vulnerable in front of their female partners. But at the same time they are in control of the actions, or even the intensity of the kicking. So, this implies that they aren’t practically playing a submissive role, and the women aren’t really sadistic since they are told what to do and in which way to torture the male genitals.

Men who enjoy ball busting share their experiences with novice couples on forums and what some of them state makes things even more ambiguous. Some say that they also love it when they are dominating their female partner, but it’s quite easy to be a man and handle a woman by using your physical force, which is clearly a superior attribute for all men. Then they continue to explain that it takes a really confident man to surrender authority and allow a woman to literally bring them to their knees simply by squeezing their most sensitive area. It appears that the pleasure they get simply by seeing women exercising this sort of power is really intense. Some are themselves intrigued by how ballbusting succeeded to set their sex life on fire. It’s really interesting to get on forums which you can find on ballbusting sites and read personal confessions. It’s one way of learning more about human sexuality and discovering new practices that you might like to try with your partner, if you feel driven by what you read and watch.

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