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Newspaper - Detailed and Current Information in Small Pack

Author: Aaj Ka Paper
by Aaj Ka Paper
Posted: Sep 15, 2015

Newspaper is an important serial publication of informative articles, blogs, feature articles, local news, national news, international news. The newspapers are also published online as well as in prints too and they are also published daily or weekly. A newspaper typically fulfils four criteria’s:

  • The contents of newspapers are easily accessible to the public.
  • It is published regularly at regular intervals.
  • Latest and up-to-date information’s.
  • It is universal in nature and it covers wide range of topics.

The Daily Newspaperis issued daily, with the exception of national holidays, Sundays and Saturdays occasionally. The daily newspapers are published in the morning and the majority of staff members of newspaper work from Monday to Friday and therefore the contents of Sunday and Monday are prepared in advance and is syndicated.The Sunday news contains more specialized sections, advertisements, Bollywood news etc. and it costs more. The General newspaper contains all the topics covering national, international, sports, financial, theatre etc.

The Viral News contents spreads socially just like the viral infection in the body. In fact this news too popular and it becomes popular notion and all the ideas spreads like virus.The best and fastest way to make news viral is break the news on Twitter. Mostly the large numbers of persons are hearing it and find it very interesting and are shared in wide range and many followers retweet it giving their views.Sharing the video on Facebook makes it ten thousand more worth and makes it viral. Most people like to share views on the emotional stories having the mixed feelings of anger, anxiety, awe etc.Latest researches show that those contents are considered viral which evoked the arousal of emotions whether negative or positive than the contents which are without the emotions. The larger contents are considered better and more likely to get shared and make it more practical.Every journalist well knows that the controversial news sells more.

People always look for interesting news, which grabs the attention of readers.The news organizations are well known for playing the critical role in spreading the best quality accurate information’s in the society. The today’s news or daily news plays a powerful role in spreading the news readily. Journalists always search for emerging news. The news organization maintains the highest standards for the contents. The contents of the newspapers vary under different categories:

  • OMG: The contents are shocking.
  • WIN: The contents which are useful, admirable or ingenious.
  • LOL: The contents are humorous.
  • CUTE: The contents are self- explanatory, animal based content generally.
  • WTF: The contents are strange and filled with curiosity.
  • TRASHY: The contents are mocking and ridiculing the failures of persons.
  • FAIL: The contents are pointing out the failures of both the individuals and the society and about shared frustrations.
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