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Titanium important new material – Focus on development of high-end titanium

Author: Detectmetal Liu
by Detectmetal Liu
Posted: Sep 21, 2015

Recently, the media reported that the University of Kiel in Germany a new invention of nickel titanium memory alloy of copper, which can reach tens of millions times the number of deformed without breaking, and its excellent performance once again sparked concern for high-end titanium. Because of its high temperature, low temperature, anti-acid, anti-alkali, high strength, low density, excellent performance, high-end titanium has been widely used in aerospace and other fields. As new materials emerging industries supported by the state, play an important role in the current round of economic restructuring, and high-end titanium as an important member of the new material, it will usher in a new round of development.

1. both "along the way" and "Made in China 2025? concept, high-end titanium demand prospects

Based mainly refers to the high-end titanium sponge titanium processing to produce high-performance titanium or titanium alloy products, its applications covering many areas. Current high-end titanium technology is mainly controlled by the United States and Russia and other countries, it has a high market monopoly bargaining little space, restricting China’s current high-end titanium scope and scale.

2. the development of structural imbalance in China’s titanium industry, high-end titanium import substitution space large

China is rich in resources titanium, titanium industry has achieved rapid development in the past ten years, especially before the subprime mortgage crisis, because of the lucrative, large-scale development and more resources to expand production capacity of titanium, titanium sponge and ordinary titanium production ranked first in the world, low-yielding titanium serious excess capacity. Although China and the United States, Japan, Russia and four countries the country has a complete industrial chain of titanium in the world, but in the lack of a rear end of the industrial chain development, market products mainly to low-end products, high-end titanium technology is relatively backward, the lack of quality, reliability, market acceptance of high-end products, development of industrial structure imbalance. To this end, a number of areas for domestic aerospace, nuclear power and other high-end titanium used in domestic enterprises in terms of qualifications or in terms of production technology and process can not meet the requirements, the corresponding demand are mainly dependent on imports, there is a huge import substitution space.

3. investment advice

Because the low-end titanium market overcapacity, the current price level has dropped to ten years ago, the structure of industrial development imbalance Forced Road domestic titanium business transformation of active demand, increased investment in research and development, accelerate the upgrade of equipment levels, active layout titanium end markets, such as China’s production of China’s first high titanium furnace last year, breaking the monopoly of developed countries, and the gap between technology and international high-end titanium aspect of gradually narrowing. Increasing demand, import substitution dual role, the domestic distribution of high-end titanium companies will usher in a new development opportunity.

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