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Catering without the Commitment

Author: Jessat Jesat
by Jessat Jesat
Posted: Nov 06, 2013

Starting a new business can be difficult but if the initial investment is not exorbitant, you can feel a bit calmer about the process. The money necessary to start a culinary endeavor can be difficult to obtain as most restaurants or other food related industries fail within their first year of operation. Regardless of kitchen rental bay area how delicious the food is, there are other problems that can arise in the food market that are out of your control. In the California Bay Area, new catering companies and restaurants open monthly. Can you keep up with the competition?

Keeping initial costs as low as possible, there is a greater chance for you to succeed. The overhead will not be as high and you'll have extra revenue to spend on quality food. If you are planning to open a catering business within the next year, here are a few facts to consider before diving head first into an expensive endeavor:

1. The local economy. The food business is fickle not only with the tastes and demands of the public but also with their ability to pay for meals out. For many, eating out is considered a luxury and will be the first thing to be cut in hard times. When the local economy is

2. commercial kitchen rental san francisco shaky, the restaurant industry is usually the first to fold. People can make a simple meal at home but cannot make their own cable channels or internet connections. They cannot make their own cars or clothes so those are not items that generally are downgraded; eating out in restaurants other than fast food is usually eliminated while on a tight budget.

  1. Food buying power. If you can’t afford quality food for the catering business, clients will know. For the most part, catering is done when someone can’t or doesn’t have the means to cook for a large group of people. It may be for a work-related party, wedding, funeral, family reunion, or other special event and the expectations are high. The client doesn’t want food they could have picked up on their own but rather something luxurious. In other words, if all you can afford to buy is the cheap stuff, you may want to wait until your buying power is greater. You may even want to consider cooking in an organic kitchen in California to attract a more specific clientele.
  2. Stay away from building leases and high dollar commitments. There is no real reason to get stuck in a long-term lease with penalties and fees to break the lease. Consider a kitchen rental in the Bay Area. Yes, you can rent a commercial kitchen in the Bay Area to start with and it can provide you with insight on how to run a catering company correctly. Without the high overhead of buildings, equipment, utilities for a large space, and other expenses, your catering company could experience solvency sooner rather than later.
  3. Consider your niche. What about your catering company makes you stand out from the competition? Is it your organic produce? Your state of the art presentation? Or your gluten free options? Finding an underdeveloped specialty may be what makes or breaks your company.

The concept of renting the necessary equipment to start a business commercial kitchen rental bay area is not new but when you combine it with high quality foods and service, the results can be money-making. Don’t sell your dreams short by being overwhelmed at the initial costs to start a catering business when there are options to start a bit smaller and grow, without losing your shirt.

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Author: Jessat Jesat

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