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Purchasing a Stair Lift in New York – Useful Tips

Author: Jai Gaitonde
by Jai Gaitonde
Posted: Sep 23, 2015

An estimated 34.2 million people in the U.S., or about 17.5%, have a functional limitation. Accessibility devices and equipment such as elevators and stairlifts make life easier for these individuals, allowing them to move around in buildings, easily and independently. For a multi-level home with limited space, installing a stairlift would be the ideal option. New York based dealers offer quality indoor and outdoor lifts that come with a range of advanced features and specifications. If you are planning to purchase stairlift in New York, there are some important factors that you have to keep in mind.

Points to Consider when Buying a Stair lift

At the outset, you need to analyze your specific requirements and check out the products available in the market so that you can find a suitable lift for your staircase. The best way to go about this is to find an established dealer in accessibility equipment based in New York. The right company would provide the professional guidance you need. Nevertheless, the following tips can help when you are choosing a stairlift:

>> Type of staircase – Staircases come if varying configurations in such as straight, spiral and curved. Choose a stairlift that will perfectly match your staircase and provide safe and comfortable floor-to-floor transportation.

>> The Right Model from an Established Brand – Identify the leading stairlift brands and find a dealer that offers their products at competitive prices. Some of the top models of residential stair chair lifts currently available include Bruno Electra-Ride Elite, Savaria B.07 Straight Stair Chair and Acorn 120 Straight Stair Lift. Your dealer will help you choose the right model based on an assessment of your home and your requirements.

>> Technical specs and Safety Features – It is important to check out the main features and specifications of the product. Quality models come integrated with high-end safety features such as retractable seat belt, remote controls, lockable swivel seat, battery-powered operation, padded seat and backrest, diagnostic digital display, and self-locking worm gear. They will also come with customization options. If you are buying a lift for your outdoor stairs, make sure it comes with superior weather-resistant properties.

>> Compactness – If other family members use the stairs, the amount of space that the lift consumes is an important factor to consider. There are models that are compact and can be compactly folded up to allow space for others to go up and down the stairs without any hindrance.

>> Budget – Consider the cost of the device, that is, ensure that it fits your budget. In most cases, the prices of the various models would vary based on their features and specifications, including options chosen. If you have budget constraints, you can consider buying a certified pre-owned stairlift. Leading suppliers upgrade old or used equipment efficiently and offer them for sale at prices much lower than new.

Most of these considerations associated with stairlift purchase are taken care of when you choose a professional dealer of accessibility equipment in New York. Such companies also would provide superior post-sales support with hassle-free installation, and inspection and maintenance services by certified technicians.

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Author: Jai Gaitonde

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