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California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.)/EPA reports

Author: Patrick Gallenberg
by Patrick Gallenberg
Posted: Nov 07, 2013

1888 Press Release - HH2 ENERGY INC. HH2 & HH2+ ® Presents the HH2 Hydrogen Water Energy Fuel Cells. "The Pollution Solution.

California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.)/EPA reports toxic vehicle exhaust emissions cause Cancer & Heart disease.



HH2 Hydrogen water cells vapors cause fuels to burn inside an engine prior to exhaust, HH2 is a disruptive catalyst vapor. HH2 Water Cell vapors reduce toxic exhaust emissions and harmful poisons. HH2 improves the fuel combustion prior to exhaust discharge. Gasoline and Diesel exhausts get cleaner using a few pennies of water.

The time in now to come for us to come to the aid of our Earth.

Website: or

HH2 will clean up toxic emission poisons created from combustion engines. Restore clean breathable air for our children and grandchildren and the Ecology of the Planet. We all can help and do our part. HH2 Energy Technology will spearhead the efforts to rid our air of fuel combustion related poisons. Two separate water created vapors (Hydrogen & Oxygen) enter the vehicles air stream intake, no sensor changes, no alterations to the EPA preset emissions systems. Two small holes in the air intake, that's it. HH2 extracts 12-14 volts of battery power to disassociate the energy pure molecules from the water.

HH2 Fits any fuel burning engine. Hydrogen is 130 Octane, no need for costly high octane fuels.

RESTORE THE EARTH WITH clean air and stop killing us with your cancer causing toxic fumes and foul smelling vehicle exhausts & industrial pollution. Drivers worldwide sit in daily traffic inhaling dirty air gasoline & diesel exhaust particulate matter that can kill.

Toxic emissions are increasing the risk of heart disease, spreading toxic exhaust gas poisons. Emissions of NANO particles drift from roads into homes, schools and parks, the go everywhere. We must act now to save our children, butterflies, bees & other critters. HH2 technology can aid in ending the poison air from fuel burning engines.

Time is running out. We are poisoning our Planet. HH2 Hydrogen is one of the few solutions that will cause a more complete combustion of your fuel inside your engine prior to exhaust discharge into the tailpipe.

HH2 Water energy cells install in any vehicle, it is an aftermarket part that has Universal Executive Orders from the State of California Air Resources Board for gasoline and diesel vehicles, up to 20 Liters. More compliance testing is under way to expand the uses in California.

Cities, States and Countries accept C.A.R.B. authorizations because California is the toughest government against air pollution and smog causing sources.

Stop by and see us at the 2013 Las Vegas SEMA show Booth 16424 at LVH. We are networking with partners now to setup worldwide training, marketing and sales & distribution to bring HH2 products to the world. IRS Tax Credits apply to the HH2 products. Special show priced units will be available to take home from the show.

Contact: Dr. Derek Zupancic 818-340-4470 9666 OWENSMOUTH AVE CHATSWORTH CA 91311

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Greengold further announces the issuance of its "Permit to Import Plants and Plants Products" issued by the Usda-Aphis-Ppq Agency that granted the Company a five (5) year expiration permit of August 16, 2018.

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Author: Patrick Gallenberg

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