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5 Key tips to Remember while Sourcing Chemicals

Author: Asit Roy
by Asit Roy
Posted: Sep 25, 2015
chemical sourcing

While there are leading chemical companies in India, there are a few things one needs to know before choosing from the various chemical suppliers in India. Chemicals have a widespread usage ranging from agriculture, plastic, paper as well as textile industry.

Now if you’re in any of these businesses or have anything to do with sourcing chemicals for such industries, it is necessary to understand the proper process and considerations for chemical sourcing.

While sourcing chemicals, it is necessary to optimize the decision according to your requirements as well as your budget. Then again, there are certain things that should be kept in mind while choosing the chemical supplier.


For any kind of purchase, it is necessary to understand the list of competent suppliers. For a proper understanding of whom to buy from and what exactly you’re paying for, it is necessary to conduct a research of sorts into the various competing chemical suppliers along with their strong suits as well as drawbacks.

One needs to understand the kind of experience a particular company has in the field of chemical sourcing.

Reputation in the industry- Next, before we begin the process of chemical sourcing, it is necessary to learn the reputation of the supplier. For this, one can either get in touch with a company and ask for their discerned list of clients or look up a particular chemical supplier’s clients online.

Since it is a business transaction, it is relevant to learn of the supplier’s reputation in terms of how transparent they are and the kind of guarantee they provide for their products. While it is good to associate with a long running business, one can even work with a reputable new business.


Another facet that is important to consider while processing chemical sourcing is if they have a license to sell the products they have on offer. It is necessary to analyse if the chemicals come from a licensed retailer or not.

In case the company does not have the proper license or the paperwork to sell chemicals, this may also mean that the quality of the chemicals is not top grade and products you manufacture using such chemicals may also be tarnished.


Since chemical sourcing is only done to manufacture products such as textiles, paper, soap etc. it is necessary that one ensures the quality of products that the chemical supplier offers.

Further, it is also absolutely pertinent to find out the process that they follow to manufacture as well as the conditions at the factory in order to receive the best products for the price you pay.


Finally, one should understand the importance of transporting the chemicals thus sourced and the kind of proper documentation it needs. Licenses are required on the part of the supplier as well as those who source the chemicals in order to have this process done legally.

Chemical suppliers such as KPL International will ensure that you receive value for money when sourcing chemicals.

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Asit Roy – a M.Sc. (hons.) Economics from Bits, Pilani began his professional career as an Economic Analyst with a private sector company in 1986.

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