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Buy Quality Table Tennis Bats Online With Different Compositions

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: Sep 28, 2015

The indoor game of table tennis is one of the most thrilling and engrossing games that are played across the world. The young and the adults alike play the game both for recreation as well as to enhance the inherent qualities of concentration, coordination, and healthy competition. Youngsters who are due to learn the game due can easily buy readily available table tennis bats online that are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Though there are several regulating standards and intricacies of the official bats, simple bats at affording, able prices are good enough to begin with.

The Tennis Blade

A table tennis racket or a bat as you may wish to call it has a wooden blade and a handle. According to international regulations, the blade or the surface with which you will play table tennis is supposed to have at least eighty-five percent wood. Among the table tennis bats online, you will find them made of a single layer or as many as seven layers of wood. There can be a combination of material such as cork, carbon fiber, aluminum or glass fiber with wood used to fortify the bats. The use of fortification makes the bats expensive, and these are usually made use of by advanced level or professional player.

The Official Specifications

Though they vary in overall shapes and size, the standard table tennis bats have blades that are about six and a half inches long and six and a half inches broad. The official restriction focuses primarily on the flatness of the blade surface and the percentage of wood used. The blades of the rackets are generally padded with rubber that is usually different on either side. This is done to allow the control of the spin or the speed of the ball by the player. There is also international specification on the use of colors red and black for the two rubber sides of the bat.

The Use Of Colors

The two striking colors on opposite sides of the blade allow the opposing player to see what technique the other player has used despite the fast pace and rapid exchange of the game. It is better to buy table tennis rackets online as they are sold out faster, and the shops will have fresh stock. The condition of the rubber is important while playing and so buying them from general sports stores may land you with old rubbers that have lost their impact.

The Initial Choice

The style in which you hold the tennis racket will depend on what to look out for while buying table tennis rackets online. For a beginner, it is advisable to opt for a western style blade that is meant to be held firmly in the palm with the start of the racket between the V of the thumb and the first finger. As you advance and gain better control of the sight of the ball and also play strokes, you can change over to the pen-hold style by holding the blade between the thumb and the forefinger. As a beginner, you can buy the all-round blade for medium speed and allow you to control the ball. To get more information please visit us at:

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Author: Raviraj Mane

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