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How the process of granulation performed in the pharmaceutical industry?

Author: Katharine Hurley
by Katharine Hurley
Posted: Sep 28, 2015
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In pharmaceutical industry medicines are prepared by mixing right composition of salt together. These salt compositions are prepared by crushing the raw material into fine particles or grains. This process can’t be carried out in an open place or through direct means. In this process a special machine is required, which not only saves grain formation process from dust but also reduce the time and cost include in it. Roll Compactor is the machine which is specially prepared for this purpose. These compactors produce fine particles of raw material in very high speed. These days, after technological revolution lots of advancements are introduced in this machine also. Wide range of roller compactor is available in the market for different size of particle produce at its output. The output produced by these compactors is so accurate that it separate dust from other raw material particles. As per the demand of customers these compactors can produce high quality output. The production speed may vary from 2.000 Kg per hours to 4.000 kg per hours. The area of application of this technology also extended too many fields of the chemical industry to Pharmaceutical Machinery or to the powder of metals for the production of food materials.

The process: - The roller compactor performs the process of crushing raw material into powder. It basically forces raw material between rotating rolls counters by extreme pressing the material either in the solid sheet or in the form of small granules.

Detailed process: - In the initial stage of the process the fine crystalline and powdery materials are poured in the compactor. Here, integrated stirrer secures and screw feeder flow of the material. The design of the screw feeder is in such a way that it creates a de-aerating and pre-compacting effect on the core material. Vertical feeder input the product in the nip part of the roll compactor. The speed adjustment facility of screw influenced the gab [p of roller and the capacity of compaction of roll compactor.

What are the basic advantages of these machines?

Some of the basic advantages of this Pharmaceutical Machinery are mentioned below, have a look over it:-

  • Highly Economical: It performs highly complicated tasks such as mixing, drying and wetting in less price as compared to wet granulation.
  • Flexible in production: bulk density, Grain size, solubility and flow ability, of processed particles are variable. Mixtures or Blends will be homogenized.
  • Eco- Environmental: materials which are granulated will reduce the, decrease dust burden, size of packaging and evade contaminations and loss of products.
  • High-grade and Space saving: Pharmaceutical Machinery is equipped with the finest quality of parts which increase its reliability and efficiency of production.
  • Easy cleaning: - This machine is integrated with patented and unique roll exchange system which reduces its time of cleaning. All components attached with the machine are easily available for inspection.
  • Reliability: The roller compactor is perfect for continuous, hard operation along with batch production.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits its investment is also very less in comparison to the machinery available in the same category.

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Katharine Hurley works with Cemach Limited, The India based manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical machineries company offers Roll Compactor, Tablet Press Machine etc.

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