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Factors to Consider When Installing the Two Types of Aquarium Water Pumps in Melbourne

Author: Bhtank Solutions
by Bhtank Solutions
Posted: Sep 29, 2015

The moment you purchase an aquarium in Melbourne, the first thing that you need to consider is buying an aquarium pump. Keeping an aquarium in a household or business is of no use without an aquarium pump. Whether you are an experienced fish farmer or a novice aquarist, your main goal should be maintaining a healthy growing aquatic environment for your fishes and for that you need to buy and install an aquarium pump, an aerification appliance added to aquariums in order to keep the water circulating so as to keep the environment clean as well as productive for fish. Besides that, aquarium water pumps in Melbourne are mandatory for the function of several aquarium additions, like- sumps, filters and skimmers that are responsible for the movement of water.

An individual can opt for any of the two types:

If you are looking for a versatile aquarium pump to power your filtration system, there are two different types of pumps to consider and each has its own set of advantages. These two types of aquarium water pumps Melbourne are:

  1. In-line Water Pumps- These extremely powerful aquarium water pumps in Melbourne which are located externally and connected to an inlet hose used to filter the water in the aquarium have the capability of moving more gallons per hour than the submersible pump. The main advantage of these water pumps is that they are air-cooled, which means they may add less heat to the water. They can be installed in one of two configurations, i.e., pressure setups and free-flow setups.
  2. Submersible Water Pumps- As the name suggests, submersible water pumps have been designed to operate entirely underwater. They can easily draw water from the filter and then push it back into the aquarium with one or two aquarium filtration devices, like- chillers or ultra-violet (UV) sterilization units. One can be benefited from them in several ways, such as- they are easy to install and are quieter as they operate underwater. The only disadvantage in using these pumps is that since they are water cooled, thus, unwanted heat may be added to the water in the aquarium.

When choosing either of them, you need to consider these 4 factors apart from its size as given below:

  1. The type of filtration- The type of water filter that you select for your aquarium decides on the type of aquarium water pump you require.
  2. Plumbing and head height- You need to consider the total distance the water pump will be needed for the movement of the aquarium water.
  3. The flow rate of water- Research thoroughly on the flow rate requirements of the type of aquarium that you are planning to buy. Saltwater fish requires greater flow while freshwater fish requires lesser flow.
  4. Supplementary devices- You should immediately install additional filtration or temperature control devices, like- chillers or UV sterilization units or protein skimmers on your aquarium if you think it is really necessary.

This is not the end. There is more to it. Regular upkeep of aquarium water pumps is very important. The best ways to protect the health of your aquarium water pump is to use pump covers Melbourne. Not only do they prolong the life of water pumps but also ensure steady performance. BH Tank Solutions, a leading company of aquarium pumps in Melbourne have offered professional assistance to several customers in and around Melbourne to make the right buying decision for their aquarium needs. They have also offered many toilet system pumps Melbourne over one decade for unrestricted use of water in toilets.

Author Bio - Out of passion and commitment, author Souveli Hello have installed pump covers Melbourne on her own aquarium water pumps Melbourne and writes an article about the 4 factors that should be considered before buying either of the 2 types of water pumps.

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Author: Bhtank Solutions

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