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All You Need To Know About Green Pest Control

Author: Discreetrodent Proofing
by Discreetrodent Proofing
Posted: Sep 29, 2015

Green Pest control is not ineffective, rather a more effective integrated pest management. A pest control company following the green method believes in prevention measures, client awareness and education.

Green pest control

The process begins with identifying the root – means how and why pest entered the premises. Professionals dealing in this kind of control understand the life cycle of pests and their behaviour. Thus, they have innovative pest control techniques, which do not jeopardise the life, property, pets and people.

In this method of Pest Control Santa Rosa, professionals apply their common sense in coordination with environment sensitive chemicals. Instead of relying on harmful chemicals, they make use of preventative methods or materials on windows, door screens and other places. They may also make use of traps or solar repellents as an alternative to harmful chemicals.

Using green pest control has many benefits

The pest control products are natural and organic thus leaving no negative impact on the environment. They are biodegradable and as effective as non-green counterparts. The methods used under this technology promote the health of plants and offer a biologically sound alternative to chemical sprays. They are not just environment friendly, but also offer a cost-efficient solution to keep the pests under control.

The working

Instead of using multi-purpose pesticide, professionals rely on a process that controls the growth of pests. They make use of eco-friendly solutions to kill the pests without risking the life of others.

Discreet Rodent Proofing understands the value of eco-friendly Pest Control Sonoma County. They offer services which are environment friendly and ensure your well-being.

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