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Things to Avoid While Doing Landscape Photography

Author: Divya Reddy
by Divya Reddy
Posted: Sep 30, 2015
landscape photograph

There are many ways of describing a great landscape photograph. If you are passionate about landscape photography then you may know all the constituents of great landscape photograph. However, many mistakes landscape photographers make for doing photography and avoid enhancing professional appearance of the images.

Some common things to expect traps for doing landscape photograph that may be fended off:

  • Bend horizons

Keep all the photographs in horizon line straight. No other thing can have more damaging effect than the crooked horizon line. Here are some ways of ensuring horizon squares in the right way. Most DSLRs offer grids in view screen, viewfinder or both the things. The high-end cameras are built with in – electronic level and it reveals how cameras are evenly aligned. If your camera is filled with all such features then you should not forget to include this for use. Only a crooked horizon can be fixed for post processing. You may also use bubble levels for alignment of cameras.

  • Wrong angle lens

Wide-angle lens with a prime focal length can be great. It provides you great panoramic landscape image and this may not be a great choice. The zoom lenses are very important in the field of photography. You may also capture image, closely grab attention of focal point, zoom it and make it very prominent.

  • Missed dimensions

The viewpoints are very essential for dealing with dimensions of photography and this can arouse different results in any photograph. A photograph may be two dimensioned but a strong landscape picture may maintain perfect illusion of depth. For setting a perfect shot, a professional photographer should colonise the frame in background, mid ground and the foreground.

  • Blank Skies

Clouds, birds and some other features can be used as props for a perfect photo. The empty skies can make your photo flat and boring. You may also compose your photo with some interesting things in the sky like rainbow, beams of lights and clouds to give life to your photo. If no other option is left then you may raise horizon line and minimising space occupied in sky for a perfect frame.

  • Poor lighting

The best photographers are aware of magic of golden hours – after sunrise or before sunset and it provide the best angle, colour of light and quality to make the image perfect. Cloudy days are not good for photos due to lighting effect. Yu should know about your mood and plan ways of clicking best photos even in low light conditions. For digital photography, you may use higher resolution of ISOs for a perfect picture in low light situations.

It is very important to evaluate your own work for improvement. You may join different photography forums to get the best advice from professionals. Sudhir Ramchandran is a big name in the world of photography. They consider all the problems for capturing the best picture and avoid them. Book them beforehand so avoid any kind of disappointment.

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