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Cancer Specialist In Delhi-Female Breast Cancer & Its Treatment

Author: Amisha Tyagi
by Amisha Tyagi
Posted: Nov 09, 2013

Various studies have been conducted to understand what causes breast cancer which is commonly referred to as an “urban phenomena”. It has been observed that breast cancer can happen due to various causes. Some critical factors influencing breast cancer are related to prior or family history of breast disease, age, reproductive and menstrual history, radiation exposure and dietary factors.

Latest treatment for breast cancer

Breast cancer is no longer a deadly disease and lot of research has been done in this field. There are many options for breast cancer treatment:

  • Removing the breast cancer- This is known as lumpectomy during which the surgeon removes the tumor and a small margin of surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Removing the entire breast – This is known as mastectomy where all the breast tissues are removed. The lobules, ducts, fatty tissues, nipple and areola all are removed along with some skin.
  • Removing a limited number of lymph nodes or several lymph nodes – These are referred as sentinel node biopsy or axillary lymph node dissection where the surgeon will determine whether cancer has spread to your lymph nodes. He will discuss the option of removing the lymph nodes that receive the lymph drainage from the tumor.
  • Removing both breasts – Some women with cancer in one breast may have to remove the other healthy breast as well. This depends on the risk of cancer in the other breast.
  • Radiation therapy – Here high powered beams of energy are used such as x-rays to kill cancer cells. Here a large machine is used which gives energy beams of the body. There is also an option of brachytherapy which is done by placing radioactive material inside the body. However there are some side effects here like fatigue and rashes. Also in some rare cases, damage to the heart and lungs has been seen. Though very rarely there have also been instances of second cancer in the same area.
  • Chemotherapy – drugs are used to destroy cancel cells. This is usually done when there is a high risk of recurrence of cancer or it spreads to other organs.
  • Hormone therapy – This is used to treat breasts which are sensitive to hormones. This is usually done after surgery or other medications and treatments. This helps in reducing the changes of cancer cells returning back to the body.
  • Drugs - Targeted drug treatments attack specific abnormalities within cancer cells. Drugs approved to treat breast cancer include Trastuzumab (Herceptin), Pertuzumab (Perjeta), Ado-trastuzumub, emtansine, Lapatinib (thkerb), Bevacizumab (Avastin) – While the last one is not approved in the US, research has shown that this helps in slowing the growth of breast cancer. However most of these have side effects which your physician will discuss.
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