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Choose between malacate electrico and malacate hidraulico in an informed manner

Author: Aime Wolf
by Aime Wolf
Posted: Oct 04, 2015

Winches are extremely important pieces of machinery and they prove to be more than useful wherever there is a need to pull something heavy using a pulley. Winches find use in different industrial sectors and thanks to these pieces of machinery, a lot of manual work has been abolished. When you have a group of humans pulling something heavy, you sometimes cannot feel that you are doing injustice to them, but with a winch, this work can be totally automated. What you need to choose between is malacate electrico and malacate hidraulico.

As far as energy consumption is concerned, a malacate electrico draws power directly from generator-sets. Here electric power is converted into rotational force. A malacate hidraulico relies on fluid power for work. The fluid power can be generated using a motor-pump and other required hydraulic systems. It is quite clear that when you use a winch driven by hydraulic power, you need 25% to 30% more energy for performing the same work.

At the same time, the pull capacity of a malacate hidraulico is much more than a malacate electrico. Wherever there is an insane amount of weight to be pulled, you should depend on a hydraulic machinery than an electric machinery. The best option for you is to choose a combination product – one that can run on hydraulic power as well as electric power. This will ensure that you can use the source of power as per your convenience. If the electric power fails, the hydraulic power can do the work and vice-versa.

In everything that you do today, the environment protection factor always comes into play. This is another point to be kept in mind when choosing between these two types of winches. Isolating a malacate hidraulico and dampening its noise can, sometimes, need extra measures and this could prove to be costly. There are many companies that use malacate electrico because they want to avoid oil discharge and keep the environment cleaner.

A winch run by hydraulic power can also prove to be more expensive in installing and maintaining. This is another point that many companies keep in mind and they then look at winches that run on electric power. But this point completely depends on your requirement. If you work requires a winch run by hydraulic power, you must get it.

To choose between these two types of winches, it is a good idea to seek expert assistance. The internet has a lot of information where these two types of winches have been analysed and compared. However, when it comes to real world application, you are best served by a professional. There are manufacturers of winches and they have been at it for decades – these people should be able to identify your requirement and specify the winch that you should purchase. You will do well to listen to their advice.

Both malacate electrico and malacate hidraulico have their uses and you should decide what to purchase. Use expert opinion and making this choice should be easy.Choosing between malacate electric and malacate hidraulico is a choice you will need to make. You can take expert assistance here.

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