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What’s your Desired Butt Shape?

Author: Bruna Stuart
by Bruna Stuart
Posted: Nov 19, 2012

Emergence of new, stylish and lovely cuts in outfits by big guns (Levis, guess, Dolce and Gabbana and etc.) have increased demand of butt enhancement pills, butt pads and butt implants and butt shots globally. People, both men and women, are getting conscious about their butt shape and pouring millions to look attractive and gaudy.

There are four common shapes of buttocks;

  • Heart Shaped Butts
  • Round Butts
  • Squared Shaped Butts
  • V-Shaped Butts

These are assorted among masses all over the world. Let’s find out which one is the most demanding shape among people.

Heart Shaped

This is the most desirable shape, just try to muster up heart’s image in your mind and flip it upside down you will have an idea about this shape. The most alluring characteristic of heart shape butt is that they are augmented with a small waist.

Some people use butt pads to enhance their butts and to get an ideal heart shaped butt. Hundreds of chemical and herbal products are also available in markets to get perfect heart shape butts. Surgery is another option but it has massive risk associated with it.

Round Butts

Cosmetic surgeons say that round shaped butts are not that desirable among the folks as hearts shaped are.  People just love to carry the heart shaped butts and most of them are ones, who are upgraded from round butts. Round butts are beautiful but again people like things that are in demand. Butt lift is very common practice among the round shaped butt bearers.

Square Butts

These are flat butts and most of women found them bit masculine and that’s why they prefer to go for butt implants. According to fitness experts, women most of times walk in our fitness centers because they want to work out and put on fats in their gluteal region. There are numbers of butt exercises that are really effective in getting a perfect heart shaped butt. Silicon transplants are really dangerous and painful experience to go through in order to get 10/10 butt shape.

V-Shaped Butts

If you will ask a surgeon; which butt shape is most difficult to combat and bring in shape? His/her prompt answer would be the V-shaped butts. These are butts that have all characteristics of an obese body structure. People with V-shaped butts have mostly protruding bellies and fat thighs. This is the least wanted shape and most of the time people want to get rid of it.

Now, you can easily categorize yourself in one of categories mentioned above and chalk out your plan of action accordingly. If you have heart shaped butts then you need to do regular butt exercises to keep your shape intact. If you fall among any of the remaining categories you will need to use different products, butt pads or even surgical methods to gain proper shaped butts. Always try to select the product that has least number of side effects associated with it. In this way you will be able to achieve your desired shape by bearing minimum amount of risk.

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