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Benefits of meditating in group

Author: Chris Gayle
by Chris Gayle
Posted: Oct 09, 2015
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Meditation gives more than a few health benefits to people nowadays. You can do meditation with others to get lots of benefits additionally. Meditation can produce inner peace and increase the overall ability of a person to connect with himself at a deep level. Group meditation can become powerful in the overall influence of everyone in group setting. People have to get together in order to set positive goals for years. Everyone who has been practicing meditation with others can strengthen the connections, support one another, stay committed and get motivated to engage in regular practices and learn many issues from experienced people.

Steps to host a mindfulness group meditation

Following are the steps that people can follow to arrange a group meditation. The very first step in the arrangement of a mindfulness meditation group is holding a meeting. Participants can tell about who they are and where they from in detail and share their likes and dislikes related to meditation. This approach helps a lot to start meditation in group. This can help them finding people who are interested in meditating with others.

The second step is finding the best place to do meditation. Once you have prepared a list of people who are willing to do meditation in group then you can start meeting them in a church, spiritual bookstore, member’s home or any other places where you deem appropriate.

The third step is scheduling the time for meditation. You have to decide on when to meet to do meditation. It is very important to choose the time that is comfortable and convenient for everyone in the group. Most of the group members can meet in weekdays in early evening for about 90 minutes.

Fourth step is registering the group with meditation institute to connect them with worldwide network of meditators like them. They can obtain the professional support for their group.

The fifth step in hosting a group meditation is leading the meeting. Consider the following three elements in an effective meditation session.

  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Mindfulness

They have to add the elements such as concentration meditation, relaxation meditation and mindfulness meditation in their practice. They can also get help from experts or download any free starter kits to get detailed information about starting the meditation group. Then stay focused in primary purpose of learning and practicing the mindfulness meditation.

People who host the meditation group have to use beginning level format in order to let everyone has an opportunity to learn the meditation from the basics. The next step is sticking with one meditation form for learning and transmitting the practice of mindfulness meditation.

People who host a mindfulness meditation group should keep in mind that they need to teach and practice the mindfulness meditation professionally. They need to include some forms of instructions with minimum 30 minutes of practice. After they have formed the group, they can consider recruiting new members. By doing this, they can keep their meditation group healthy and strong.

Every group will incur some expenses such as refreshments, suppliers and rent. Host can pay for expenses by asking each member to give a small amount. Finally they can practice meditation once in a week when every member feels comfortable and convenient. Even they can do meditation more than once in a week to obtain great benefits.

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