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The Importance of Hiring Commercial Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Oct 10, 2015

It is practically a fact that every motorist does not want to get a traffic ticket for any kind of violation. The process is extremely time consuming and dangerous for your driving record. If you have a CDL in California, the punishments are extremely harsh. If you are driving a bus, shuttle, or truck, you cannot afford to lose your commercial driver’s license. A lot of drivers do not know that when a commercial driver’s license holder gets a traffic violation while on duty or off duty, it will affect the status of their CDL. If the driver chooses to ignore the violation, the punishments will be much worse such as license suspension or total cancellation of their CDL. But don’t worry! There are commercial traffic ticket lawyers that can help you.

A California CDL lawyer can help you go through this process without losing your job. In the state of California, CDL holders get 1.5x more points in their license for infractions than regular or non-commercial drivers. This is so even if they are off duty. CDL drivers should take driving seriously because even small violations that may seem small to a regular driver may easily earn enough points to have their license suspended, cancelled, or even be disqualified from their job. Employers implement their very own rules and discipline to drivers who receive traffic tickets. Many employers put their drivers on probation, suspension, or even a complete dismissal.

Some citations for off or on duty traffic violations will certainty put a driver’s job at risk in California. If the offense may be mixed with some other violations or the same violation in a 3-year time, it may mean suspension of the license for roughly 2 months. If they were caught for moving violations such as lane changing, reckless driving, or following too close to a vehicle ahead, their CDL will be at risk. Traffic violations for CDL drivers should not be taken in a light manner. If you find yourself in this situation, you cannot afford to face the judge alone.

You will need the help of commercial traffic ticket lawyers. They will be the one to represent you in court. If you are worried about losing your CDL, it is very essential to call a California CDL lawyer as soon as possible. They truly understand how an off or on duty traffic violation can affect a CDL driving records. The traffic lawyer will attempt to get the violation dismissed or reducing the points and fines. Traffic lawyers fully understand the proceedings as well as the fines and violations you committed.

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A California CDL lawyer can help you if you have received a traffic ticket. Commercial traffic ticket lawyers will represent you in trial to help dismiss or reduce your case and save your career.

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