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Buying Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes Online

Author: Katy Kirshina
by Katy Kirshina
Posted: Oct 14, 2015

Shopping online for rhythmic gymnastics costumes can be stressful so take your time and get it right the first time.

Today is the day I go online and purchase rhythmic gymnastics costumes for my twin daughters. If I don’t get them the right leotards I’ll have to send them back because my twins are very picky and they won’t wear them. Gymnastics costumes are not cheap and have to be custom made so sending them back is not an option. I’m sitting down and not getting back up until I have ordered the perfect rhythmic costumes for my twin girls.

What I discover is that it isn’t just my twins that are picky. Apparently rhythmic gymnastics costumes have to be made of the right material, have a special feel, and fit like a glove. This is going to be harder than I first thought. I finally come across a website that walks me through the buying process. I call my twins to the room and take their measurements exactly as the website describes. Next, I search for gymnastics costumes in my price range.

Finally, I ask the twins which ones they want me to buy. I remind them that there is no second guessing, once these are ordered that’s it. They are stuck with them no matter what. I can’t afford to send them back just because they don’t like the shade of pink or the placement of the flowers. The twins agree and begin to argue over who is going to get what. I step in and call a time-out. I play referee mom and narrow down their choices of costumes even further. Finally they are able to come to an agreement.

During the ordering process I simply fill in the blanks with the correct measurements. I paid using my PayPal account and waited for the box to arrive. If it weren’t for the bickering of the twins the buying process on the website I found was quite simple. The choices in rhythmic gymnastics costume were all very beautiful. Overall I am pleased with my entire shopping experience.

If you want to shop online for rhythmic gymnastic leotards I suggest you set aside a large block of time. Ordering rhythmic gymnastics outfits isn’t as easy as ordering a book. There are many steps to take and factors to consider. The material has to be just right. The fit has to be perfect.

Measurements have to be taken. Just the right amount of flair and bling on the costume or the whole thing is no good. It can be stressful but once you get the process down it won’t take as long. Bodies change so expect to measure every time you order a new rhythmic gymnastics leotard and don’t assume it will always be the same size. You never know when your little gymnast is going to grow. Build a relationship with one online store and you won’t have any trouble in the future ordering gymnastics outfits online.

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