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A pizza potluck - 10 recipes toon the occasion of National Pizza Month

Author: Itspotluck Recipe
by Itspotluck Recipe
Posted: Oct 15, 2015
crust pizza

The perfect meal: The pizza is an open faced pie with tomato sauce, cheese and toppings. It tastes like heaven and is sometimes said to be better than most relationships!

We bet you'd never have met a pizza like this one before!! ;-)


Peeeeeezzzzzzzahh! Omg, the mention of this word makes us weak in the knees and leaves us with a drooling tongue!

Did you know, Unites States of America is celebrating October as a National pizza month!! Your country isn't celebrating it? No worries, you can observe this month of gluttony with our pizza posts....daily for this month!

We start with a recipe for a stuffed crust pizza to pamper those taste buds right on the first day of the month!

The only love everyone wants is the never ending love for pizza....! Get going in that kitchen and try this recipe for yourselves!

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2 - TIKKA MASALA PIZZA by Soumya Seemakurti.


No worries though...,!

Forget that oh-so-convenient-to-order pizza delivery chains for this month and BAKE-a-MAGIC in your own kitchen with the help of this easy recipe for the day!

Soumya illustrates a very desi version of the Italian pizza in her style. It is a take on the general pizza with her not-too-general toppings!

Her recipe also teaches you to make a pizza base from scratch. you just cannot miss this one!

3 - TOSTADA PIZZA by Rupal Patel

Okay we agree we all are pizza maniacs and we can eat a pizza anytime!

Now come on, we can't bless it on poor pizza for being so tempting and delicious!

But wait!

We never thought we could have a healthy pizza too..and that too right from our own kitchen..!

This pizza recipe by Rupal Patel is inspired by California Pizza Kitchen's dish which her kids really love!

She has tried to incorporate the healthiest options and provided a Tostada Pizza recipe. Try making it for your pizza-lover kiddos and they're sure to like it.

Tip for the day: Not too hungry?? Try cutting the pizza into 4 slices instead of 6: p ;-)

4 - Marshmallow Choconut Ganached Pizza Marshmallow Pizza by Raaazzzfoodlove

Since today is a holiday and the family will have meals together, why not we innovate our pizza demands with a dessert pizza recipe by Raaazzzfoodlove??

Post dinner, which we know is going to be at a restaurant, let's make a sweet pizza for dessert time and get the family ooh-oooohing at your skills!

It has chocolate ganache, Nutella and other sweet goodies..., but it's a PIZZA!

Voila! Isn't it magical...? Have a glance at this sweetheart of a recipe below! Have a happy end to that week long cookathon!

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5 - Lachmacun Turkish Pizza by Farheen Banu

Merhaba friends!

Wondering why we are greeting you in Turkish language?

Well, today's recipe for the day is a Turkish pizza which is traditionally called Lahmacun, by Farheen Banu!

The pizza is a thin crust pizza, loaded with minced meat, veggies and herbs!

A new innovation never harms, does it?? We suggest you add your touch and make a new variant of this classic Lahmacun!!


(oops, that's Turkish for Bon Appetit!) :D

6 - Pizza Pull Apart Bread by Vardhini

Pizza in the form of a bread?

So that's 2 divine things combined into 1 recipe....

We agree that the love for pizza is eternal and that our blogger Vardhini has incorporated in her *kid-friendly recipe*


Caution: The pictures are not for the weak-eyed or the hungry tummy!

Check this step-by-step recipe for the pull-apart pizza bread!


Popeye, the sailor man! Beep Beep!

That's how the jingle to our loved cartoon show went and Popeye was an inspiration for us to eat spinach and get lots of energy.

But what to do about kids of today? They don't have an inspiration like Popeye!

How about we top spinach with some healthy paneer on a pizza and make them relish it without knowing what it is!??

We're sure it'll solve your woes!

Have a look at the recipe with a 3-step pictorial method.


"Pizza is just so unhealthy!"

"But we still love it and we go weak just looking at it"

That's how our mind functions at the mention of pizza, right?

Forget the worry when you can actually make a healthier version, avoiding the use of that store-bought white flour crust that scares you.

The recipe of the day is a version of a deceptive pizza, a pizza with a cauliflower crust and not your regular fermented flour one!

Have a look and try considering this pizza for a once-aweek junk food challenge and we promise, you won't complain!

9 - KHAMAN PIZZA by Rupal Patel

Talk about delicious and easy-to-make snacks and Khaman surely hits our thought! These soft and spongy snack cakes from the Gujjuland are quite popular amongst foodies from India and abroad.

So the recipe for today is a Khaman Pizza, a perfect amalgamation of two different cuisines: Gujarati and Italian!

Our blogger Rupal Patel calls it an addictive recipe, so you definitely should try this and see for yourself how addicted you get!


Today we bring to our foodies, a different variant of a normal round pizza! This is a Calzone recipe, which is a folded pizza, with the toppings working as stuffing.

In fact, out blogger Kalyani has rendered her Indian touch to this one, but you can feel free to give it your culinary touch too!

These are good for parties, picnics or potlucks, or maybe just the tiffin boxes, as they can be prepared in advance too!

A pizza always understands, isn't it? Go for it!!

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