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Best Gynecologist In Delhi-Week by week pregnancy calendar

Author: Amisha Tyagi
by Amisha Tyagi
Posted: Nov 13, 2013

The week by week pregnancy calendar gives pregnant women information about the step by step fetal development.

Let us find out the status of your fetus at each week of pregnancy.

  • 4th week: Your embryo is very small; just about the size of a poppy seed.
  • 5th week: The heart begins beating by this week, but the size of embryo fetus is still very small.
  • 6th week: At the end of this week, your baby has grown a little bigger, and is as big as a lintel. This week is also marked by the development of the eyes and nostrils of your baby.
  • 7th week: During this week, the heart and lungs become more prominent.
  • 8th week: At this week, your baby has now become a fetus and no longer has the small tail.
  • 9th week: The weight of the fetus is less than 10 grams but body parts such as arms, legs, eyes, genital and all other vital organs are present.
  • 10th week: All the vital organs have developed fully and the baby is able to swallow as well as kick.
  • 11th week: Your fetus is now about the size of a fig and tooth buds and toe nails have formed.
  • 12th week: The eyes and ears have attained their normal position by this week.
  • 13th week: The fetus is still small but has all the prominent features.
  • 14th week: This week is marked by growth of hair all over the body.
  • 15th week: The fetus is still small and is experiencing hiccups.
  • 16th week: The circulatory and urinary system have started functioning by this week.
  • 17th week: Your baby’s skeleton is more formed by this week.
  • 18th week: Your baby now measures 15 cm and is able to detect noises inside the womb.
  • 19th week: This week is important for sensory development of your baby.
  • 20th week: During this week, the body of the baby is covered with a greasy white substance known as vernix caseosa.
  • 21st week: Your baby measures 10 and a half inches and has fully developed fingernails.
  • 22nd week: Lips and eyes fully develop during this week and there are even signs of teeth beneath the gum line.
  • 23rd week: Your baby is about 29 cm and blood vessels are getting prepared for breathing.
  • 24th week: Your baby now weighs 99gm.
  • 25th week: Your baby's sensory motors are developing fast.
  • 26th week: Your baby is now 15 inches long and is gradually beginning to open her eyes.
  • 27th week: Your baby is able to close and open her eyes and sleep and wake at regular intervals.
  • 28th week: This week is marked by the development of fat layers in her body.
  • 29th week: This is week is particularly important for the brain development that is growing in size.
  • 30th week: The lungs and digestive tract of the fetus is well developed by this week.
  • 31st: The baby can move her head from one side to another.
  • 32nd: The genitals begin maturing by this week.
  • 33rd: By this week, most babies are in the position of head down in the uterus.
  • 34th: By now, the baby’s lungs have fully developed and any breathing problems can easily be treated.
  • 35th: The baby has grown big in size and does not move inside the womb.
  • 36th: This week signifies that you have reached your full term of pregnancy and your baby can be born any day.
  • 37th: The vernix caseosa covering your baby’s body is shed off.
  • 38th: All your baby’s organs have developed fully by this week.
  • 39th: You are almost there and any time you can deliver your baby.
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