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10 Tips you need to Consider for Interactive Digital Wayfinder

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Oct 17, 2015
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In the modern world where the working of almost everything depends on the use of technology it is important that the technology is used in the right ways in order to help the smooth functioning of tasks in the real world. With the convenience that any digital or technology driven gadget offers, its use becomes a viable option where crowds or walk-ins need to be handled. Way finding displays are an example of the kind of devices that are technologically driven and help in the smooth running of operations even in a crowded place. However, it is important to take care of 10 essential points when opting to invest in the device.

  1. It must be ensured that the digital display system of the Wayfinder is customizable so that the system can be moulded as per the requirements.

  2. It must also be made sure that the themes that are used in the designing of paths, suit the theme of the place or event at which the Wayfinder is being used. Complying with the theme is important to maintain a professional and mature approach.

  3. The display quality of the digital Wayfinder should be checked thoroughly before investing because a lower number of pixel ratio may deteriorate the display quality of the device.

  4. One must also check whether the device can be used in all temperature and social conditions. A way finding displays should be able to function in the open air as well as in the enclosed spaces of a mall.

  5. The durability of the machine should also be checked in terms of its strength, as it may need to have a strong body and most importantly a strong screen.

  6. The screen should also be made responsive and interactive so that the people seeking their way through the path finder may be able to easily spot their destination by the means of a touch screen.

  7. The installation and the working of the display should also be simple and easy to learn so that it does not take time for the staff as well as the end users to learn how to operate it.

  8. The screen for the Wayfinder should be made in such a way that it can be set as a standalone or as a kiosk and the design of the body can be customized to match the design requirements of the place where it is located.

  9. The screen should also have a glare proof mechanism, which is important if the screen is placed in natural sunlight or beneath harsh indoor lighting.

  10. Finally one must ensure that the training and service provided by the screen provider is impeccable so that the functioning of work does not get affected by problems in understanding the system.

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Author: Sameer Tendulkar

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