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Choose garage shelves according to your style

Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt
by Fredrick Durrenmatt
Posted: Oct 25, 2015

As the winter season approaches, you’re probably already thinking about getting the warm cloths out and start storing all the summery ones away, along with the bicycle, roller skates and other such items, which will probably all go in your garage. Now is the time to plan a makeover for your garage, if you want to fit it all in and still have room to park your car inside. A garage makeover doesn’t have to be an extensive endeavour, where you take out walls and build new structures, but merely a better organisation of the floor space and maybe a small investment in shelving and storage solutions. You can start organising your garage by throwing away all the rubbish and removing any useless items. You can hang all your garden tools on hooks, and if you invest in pulley systems, you can also hang bikes, rifles, canoes and other weirdly shaped items, which will leave you with plenty of floor space. However, some things may not be suited for hooks of any kind, in which case you’ll need garage shelving units. Using this type of storage comes with many benefits, from efficient use of space to variety of choices.

Smart loading features

You can find a way to design your garage storage systems like a professional and make room for all your belongings inside, if you browse for shelves and storage units carefully. Shelves can help you store a lot of things, whether directly on the decking or in boxes. They might not be suitable for bikes or sporting equipment, but they can pretty much take everything else. In addition, you can opt for garage shelving units that are strong and sturdy, taking high loads, which means you don’t have to worry about the weight of your boxes and you can really stuff them with everything you need put away. Another benefit of shelving units as garage storage solutions is that you can find some systems that are modular, which means you can add bays as you go along, in case you acquire more stuff over the years, which will probably happen. Instead of having to replace your storage units with bigger ones, you can simply add to your already existing shelving, which can save you a lot of money. Look for big suppliers like Rapid Racking Ltd if you want to make sure you find the shelving you need.

Different shelves for different items

Garage shelving units are great not only because they provide you with almost all storage solutions you need, enabling you to load them up to significant weights, but also because they can be adapted as to accommodate a very wide range of items. For instance, if you have tons of clothes to store, you can have shelving units with garment rails and simply hang your clothes, while if you want to pack them you can use boxes which sit neat and tidy on shelves. On the other hand, if you have small parts or components to store, you can use plastic bins that can also be very easily and quickly organised on shelves. The bottom line is that garage storage is made easy through shelving bays because they accommodate different items, providing safe and secure storage for virtually everything in your household.

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