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Tips to Remove Stains with Optical Brighteners

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Oct 26, 2015
optical whitening

Optical brighteners are fluorescent synthetic chemical added to a detergent to make clothes appear brighter and cleaner. It enhances the color of the fabric making it look whiter as it increases the overall amount of blue light reflected from the fabric. It is also helpful in removing stains from different fabrics. Earlier detergents used bluing to give better cleaning and to increase brightness of the fabric, which are now replaced by detergents with brighteners in them. These brighteners can be used on natural fabric such as cotton as well as for synthetic fibers and polyester. Different stains need to be treated differently. With the below mentioned tips, you can remove almost all types of stains.

    • Immediate Treatment

    It is always better to treat the stain immediately as this increases the chance of it being removed completely. The more a stain sits on the fabric, the more it gets absorbed making it tough to be removed.

    • Soak and Pre-wash

    For tough stains like human stains such as urine, saliva or sweat, it is required to soak the clothes and pre-wash them with a detergent at low water level for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then wash the clothes with an optical whitening agent for maximum brightness and whiteness.

    • Stains of Food and beverages

    When working on removing stains of food and beverages like those of ketchup or coffee, pre-wash the fabric for 3 to 5 minutes in hot water at low levels because at low level, the detergent is able to work effectively on the stains. Wash the fabric with an optical whitening agent and rinse properly. It is recommended to not to dry the garment until stain is removed completely as this might set the stain in the cloth thus making it difficult to be removed later.

    • Mud

    To clean the stains of mud first scrape off whatever maximum is possible. Soak the fabric and rub in water before washing. For tough stains, soak the cloth in detergent for around 30 minutes, wash normally and if the stain still persists, soak for another 30 minutes and then wash thoroughly.

    • Oil and Grease

    Vegetable oil or petroleum can cause oil or grease stains on your clothes. The first thing you need to do is to use a chalk absorbent to soak as much grease as possible. Pre-treat the fabric with detergent so that it can penetrate properly into the affected area. Wash in the hottest water safe for the fabric with lot of detergent and then rinse properly.

Optical whitening agent manufacturers provide optical brighteners to textiles which treat the fabric with this chemical to make the fabric look brighter and whiter. Using such detergents bring back the reflective particles onto fabrics making them vibrant again.

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