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10 Facts About PTFE Sheet

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Feb 19, 2016

PTFE has been used for over two decades now and is a commercially viable material being used in more than 200 industrial, consumer and medical applications. Among the most widely used PTFE products are sheets, rods, tubes, coatings and components. PTFE sheets are widely used in gaskets, packings, piston rings, food, etc. Their popularity in the industrial usage is due to its distinct properties which are unique to its composition. Since PTFE is very dense, it cannot be melt processed; it needs to be compressed and sintered in order to convert it into sheets. These sheets are resistant to wear and thus very durable. Some facts and properties of these sheets are enlisted below.

Low co-efficient of friction: Its low coefficient of friction means that it can be easily used for sliding applications and thus are easy to machine them. Due to low friction, PTFE can be incorporated into fiber that is used for weaving socks, which makes socks exceptionally smooth and thus prevents from having blisters.

Chemical resistance: PTFE being non-reactive with many chemicals makes it preferred choice to be used in pharmaceutical and food industry. Bakers use PTFE sheets for manufacturing of different eatables.

Soft and formable: These sheets are soft and are flexible, which makes it ideal for various commercial and industrial applications.

Resistant to corrosion: It is extremely resistant to corrosion due to its ability of being dissolved by only hot fluorine gas or certain molten metal.

Dielectric strength: Being resistant to high temperatures and ability to restore its strength at even low temperatures, these sheets are used in various industries due to its dielectric strength.

Non stick: Due to its non-stick property, PTFE sheets manufacturers make release sheets which are widely used in large range of product applications. These sheets are reversible and can be used both sides alternatively to ensure its long run.

High heat resistant: Even at 500 degree Fahrenheit, it is able to maintain its high anti-adhesive properties. This makes them ideal to be used in commercial ovens at large.

Non-toxic: As these sheets are non-toxic in nature so it makes it preferred choice for medicine and food industry to use them in their production process. Do not forget to verify the safety feature with the PTFE tube suppliers while making your purchases. Since they are non-toxic, a release of any particle during their usage will pose no harm.

Low electrical conductivity: Low electrical conductivity makes them ideal to be used as an electrical insulator and is used in manufacturing of cables and circuit boards.

Cleaning & Maintenance: These sheets are easy to clean and it is recommended to clean them daily with a damp cloth only. Do not use any abrasive chemical or solvents to clean them.

A preferred choice by different industries, PTFE Sheet manufacturer like Solitaire Enterprises caters to their needs with its high quality product range.

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