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Where to buy the Best FDA Approved Halloween Contact Lenses

Author: Magic Eyes
by Magic Eyes
Posted: Oct 27, 2015
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Halloween contact lenses are the great addition to the Halloween costume. But one should follow some safety measure. The FDA website warns and suggests some safety tips to protect your eye from damage. Some online shops and wholesalers offer that "one size fits all". That is completely wrong. Everyone’s eye has not the same shape and size. An eye doctor can measure your eye properly and evaluate your eyes response to contact lens. Although you have a proper vision, consult your doctor before taking lens. FDA discouraged to use Halloween or decorative lens because sometimes they have a potential risk if they are not used properly. Or these decorative lenses have toxic element cause damage your eye. FDA aware any dangerous situation, that can happen, if your lens is poorly fit. It includes,

Corneal infection

Scratches on the cornea

Decrease vision


And blindness

So avoid the followings:

Do not buy Halloween color contacts from roadside vendors, street shop.

Avoid salons, beauty supply stores, boutiques, flea markets.

Avoid novelty store, Halloween stores, beach shop.

Online sellers who offer your contacts without valid prescriptions.

Avoid low cost lens less than $20.

Avoid them who do not provide you the proper instruction how to use it, how to clean and care your lens.

Where to buy:

Order your contacts from a trusted source. Such as well-known online retailer like AD lens, big box.

Sellers who want you to provide a valid prescription.

Who give you a proper direction for wearing, cleaning, disinfecting it.

Check the brand name, lens measurement and expire date.

FDA approved eye product retailer who has a license to sell contacts.

Buy color contacts directly from eye doctors. Because they order their lenses from approved companies.

Companies who have not approval from FDA, their contacts may release a dangerous chemical that is harmful to your eye. It is completely illegal to sell decorative contacts without a prescription in the USA. It is not a cosmetic, but a medical device regulated by FDA. Sell them without prescription is a violation of law. For this violation they may be fined $11,000.

No matter where you buy your contact if you feel any discomfort like redness or swelling after wearing it immediately remove it from your eye. Consult with your doctor before wearing them again.

Hope these suggestions help you. Have an enjoyable, happy, safety and healthy Halloween.

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Magic Angel Eyes is a wholesaler of color cosmetic lenses. Eye contacts are extremely comfortable and are of the best quality when it comes to color contact lenses.

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