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A quick guide to the simple process of transporting pets to Singapore

Author: Maddy Tan
by Maddy Tan
Posted: Oct 28, 2015
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It seems to be such a trend- moving to Singapore. Singapore is a really interesting place. The weather is beautiful and the opportunities are in no short supply. There are just so many things that you can do while you are in Singapore. Moreover, world corporations are starting their branches in Singapore- a lot. There will always be job for you in Singapore or so it seems. A number of people who are moving to this beautiful Asian country are expatriates moving with their families and pets. Do you have the cute dog that you want to bring along with you to Singapore? The process is very simple.

Veterinarian reports

A visit to the veterinarian is very important at all times. This way you are able to keep your pet healthy at all times. At the same time it is really helpful when it comes to moving. You will often be asked to bring along your veterinarian’s report when you want to move your pet to Singapore. As a matter of fact it is a requirement when you are moving with your pet to any part of the world. Even when you are moving with your pet to a different part of the country you might be asked to get a veterinarian’s report.

This applies to all animals that are on the move. It is very easy to transfer certain animal diseases if they are not immunized. In the case of dog entering Singapore, you will have to prove that your pet has received the rabies immunization. They are at least two of them. The vet’s reports are going to show this. Therefore, while you go for the yellow fever shot for yourself, take your dog to the pet along as well.

There are several other pieces of information that you will get in the veterinarian’s report. On top of this, you will have your pet treated for any condition that they might be on its way. Make a habit of visiting your vet because you never know when you would want to travel with your pet.

Tracking devices and quarantine

There is a small tracking device that is injected under your dog’s skin before you move with it to Singapore. This device is the size of a rice grain and the process of installing it will take a very short while. It is important to have these devices because in case your pet gets lost, the local authorities in Singapore can track him down for you. This is the main reason why you should go for this.

Booking a space in the Sembawang Quarantine Station is the next thing that you should do. This is the largest quarantine station in the country or rather it is the most popular one and the best of them all. It is here that you are assured you pet will get really good care. There is a mandatory quarantine period when you are transporting pets to Singapore. The only problem is that the spaces at this quarantine station are limited. You should get in touch with the quarantine station at least two months before your pet’s expected arrival date. When you book the slot, you will be informed of a vacancy a month in advance.

Book the flight and prepare to travel

There are two options when it comes to the actual travel. You can opt to send your pet ahead and it will be picked up in Singapore. Alternatively, you can travel together with your pet. Find pet friendly airline. Get a cage and whatever else you will need for your pet during the travel early enough. Transporting pets to Singapore is very simple. You do not have to worry about complicated issues. Get the vet’s report, book a slot in the quarantine station and get the right flight and you will be good to go.

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First you have to book a slot at the station. The Semarang animal quarantine singapore is the finest of them all. It has fantastic facilities for pets.

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