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IVF treatment from the best fertility doctor in India.

Author: Katie Smith
by Katie Smith
Posted: Oct 29, 2015

To get the ‘’best fertility doctor’’, most of the patient is traveling one place to the other because in the other case either the heart surgery or in the fertility treatment we want the trusted and the experienced doctor. Yes, it is possible to get the best doctor but on which basis factor you will try to have trust on them because at one time it is very hard to have complete faith on them and the patient’s life should be in the safe hand without any kind of repulsive condition. If you want to know either the doctor or the clinic is perfect or trustworthy or not so in that situation elaborate them on the basic of the three factor of ART ( Assisted reproduction technology), IVF ( in vitro fertilization) and surrogacy basically the Doctor and the team should be perfect and expert in it.

Artificial insemination:

The refers to the situation when the male partner has the low count of sperm or when that is not functioning well. So, the donor sperm has been implanting into the female uterus where the pregnancy developed this is the very low technical process. The success rate of this is very high as compared to the other fertility options because of the successful fertility procedure it is very important to have a healthy uterus in the women’s body.

In Vitro fertilization (IVF)

it is the only processed in which the egg of the women and the sperm of the man has been fertilized in the laboratory dish basically it is the natural way of fertilization where the fertilization has been taking part out of the body and the great way to cure the problem of the damaged fallopian tube. The procedure is not painful has a great success rate basically 70 to 80 % even the foremost reason of infertility advanced age has not even exist in the procedure of IVF. Basically, the procedure in called the first hope for the patient who are dealing with this process because through the procedure of the IVF still there is a hope that the patient can conceive the child and this process automatically included another process as well for the different reasons of infertility.


The last option and the last hope for all the couple who are not able to clear another fertility treatment that is the only reason surrogacy is the best option for them but one of the longest and expensive way. If the patient is thinking that through surrogacy the patient is not able to connect with the child on the genetic basis so there are other options that are available in the surrogacy list as well. The reason to have last hope for the patient means when any one from us is failed in all the process of IVF and the other options as well, but it doesn’t mean that the patient should leave the hope so for them surrogacy is the last hope to conceive the biggest happiness in their life.

To whom we should contact for the dexterous suggestions:

So, the patient should contact to the’’ indiahospitaltour’’ because they are the only one who provides the best services and associated with the top ‘’fertility doctor in India’’. Their name is enough because most of the patients are now interested in having treatment with us. Even the best part of us there is no curtain between the patient and us because transparency is the USP of us. From the beginning till now we are only one who is performing the good success rate of the genetic medicine in India even on the reasonable price because the patient can’t get both the good success rate and the fine price on one place we are only one who is providing it.


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